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One of the stores near me was having a fabric sale last weekend but the catch was the smallest cut was 1/2 yard. Most of the patchwork of the crosses block have 4 distinct parts in them – the 4 in the middle and the 4 that fit in the corners around it (blue in this picture). 2016-05-04 11.50.56Then the remaining 2 sets each have 8 pieces to them. The easy part is knowing to look for fabric that has a small print and some sort of distinctive pattern in it, whether it’s paisley, stripes or something that creates a pattern in the middle.  One thing I learned from this block after getting stuck on my last effort, is buy fabric from sets that the designer created to go together. These are all from Erin Turner and the line is called Victoria. The fabrics play a lot nicer together than picking out one fabric that I really like and hunting for others to go with it. I need to make some small adjustments on this one to hide the tips on some of them but otherwise it’s ready to sew.

inspector eq7 2Today’s Splendid Sampler block has a lot of pieces to it and it’s also traditional patchwork so I thought I would lay it out in EQ7 to see which would be easier – follow the directions or paper piece this one.  After all, there are 45 pieces in that block; there’s a lot that could go wrong!

I drew it out in EQ7; I didn’t really need to color it in but I did.  I don’t usually scan in fabrics but instead just use proxies that they supply.

After looking at the suggested paper piecing steps vs. following the directions…I think I’ll just follow the directions on this one.  I did at least save the block after drawing it out though!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful block! I love the paisley; it gives the block such a lively personality.

  3. norma says:

    Love the Patchwork of the Crosses block.

    1. Thank you! I finally found the right fabric to match one that I started a week or two ago, so I should have 2 finished pretty quickly if I keep up on it.

  4. Gorgeous!! All the colors flow so beautifully! And the way you used the motives is amazing!

    1. Thank you! I find the way these pieces work together is fascinating to me. I’m never quite sure what it’s going to look like until I cut out the pieces and lay them out. Hopefully I’ll get better at it over time.

      1. Why do you need to get better?? You are already excellent!

        1. Thanks! The goal is always progress.

          1. True! Just don’t get stuck bullying yourself for perfection!!

  5. Wonderful! The fussy cut EPP is beautiful:). I am excited to see what you do for the SSampler. I’m a little behind but am catching up. I agree, paper piecing might be a good idea for this one:)

    1. Thank you! After laying it out, I ended up doing traditional piecing for the SSampler and it wasn’t too hard after all. This would be a good one to get done in not too much time. Some of them take hours and hours – and that one embroidery one took 2 or 3 days as I recall. But this one was a lot quicker.

  6. Lisa E says:

    Really pretty! I think you’re hooked on POTC!

    1. I’ve decided I like these! Oh and I have enough fabric, I think, to do a reverse of this with the maroon in the middle. It’s nice to have something to work on that doesn’t involve a detailed pattern that I can do at my own pace.

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