give me an inch and I’ll take a mile

2016-05-19 12.12.14It’s another paper pieced block – with a twist.  See that piece A3 there?  It’s 2/8″ by 3/8″ – if I’m being generous with the ruler.

Do the math, and that comes out to less than one square inch for that little piece.  A2 is only 2/8″ tall, and A4 isn’t much more than that.

Did I mention that all the B pieces are a mirror image of A, and there’s also C, D, E, F….keep going until you reach M.

I set my stitch length short.  On the Featherweight, it doesn’t have 1.8 vs. 2.5, etc. for the stitch length in millimeters. Instead, it’s how many stitches to the inch.  So a setting of 20 is pretty tiny.  I had it set too short and after just one seam, well as you can see it split open.  Seconds later and the entire piece had fallen off.

2016-05-19 07.26.59

And my cat could care less.  Hmph!


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  1. I’m hoping to tackle the dress tomorrow too…we’ll see how my patience holds up! lol

  2. bkw says:

    Aw, cute kitty. I’m sure if she? had thumbs she would be helping you.

  3. Thread crazy says:

    Wow, that’s going to need a steady hand at sewing. 2/8″ is small…

    1. Yes it is!

  4. Lisa E says:

    2/8″ ? Is that kind of like 1/4″?! Ha, ha! I was thinking of using ,y featherweight for this block too…when I get to it.

    1. It’s sort like 1/4″….except it’s 2/8″! You crack me up! I still haven’t really started it BTW.

  5. The kitty seems very concerned!

    1. Ha! That kitty’s biggest concern is if the food bowl is completely topped off! Even if only 2 bites were eaten, there is an expectation that the human will top it off. Oh to be a cat!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I agree, this one is going to need small stitches. It is going to be a splendid adventure to be sure! I can’t wait to see everyone’s pretty dresses:)!

    1. I worked straight through lunch today (darn job – haha!) so I have decided to officially tackle this little dress…tomorrow! I’ve seen lots of them on Facebook so I know it can be done!

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