solar system – complete!

I washed and dried it after I quilted it and ended up with the perfect amount of crinkliness.  She doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl so I went with a neutral yellow on the back that went with the sun theme.

Haley’s comet

I tested out a few different thread types before deciding on this sparkly yard to sew Haley’s comet onto the solar system quilt.

more solar progress

4 rings are sewn on; I’m pinning the planets in place temporarily and will add them once all the rings are complete. I expected that the rings would break up the swirls in the fabric and create an illusion of the sky at night, and it looks like that’s starting to come out the way…

the sun is sewn

I made several different paper versions of the sun; this one was finally approved.

baby quilt completed

The son gave his teacher the baby quilt as a Christmas present – she’s due next month with her first child.

baby quilt

The son’s math teacher is expecting her first child, a girl.  I thought it would be nice to give her a baby quilt for Christmas.  I like the colors in this because it’s bright and cheery!  I thought a chevron quilt had enough interest in it to keep a baby’s interest.

2 baby quilts finished

I put green flannel backing on one with yellow binding, then reversed that on the other – yellow backing with green binding.  I’m a twin and know how things go “missing” when we were given identical presents as children! I took them over to our neighbor’s house when they were done and was excited to…

twin baby quilts

  Our next door neighbor is having twin girls!  She said she is having a safari theme quilt with natural colors (not pastels, etc.) so I am making her two 40×60 quilts so the girls can have plenty of room to exercise tummy time.  Let’s hope I get these both done before they make their…