Sigma Phi Epsilon

I’m making a quilt for my brother; he doesn’t know about it or have a clue that I have this in the works.  He’s terminally ill with cancer and I noticed that whenever he’s on the couch, he’s always covered in a blanket.  I thought a nice comfy quilt with a flannel backing and minimal quilting would be best for him.

I started by finding the font of the Greek letters online, saving them to a thumb drive and then taking that over to Kinko’s where they printed each letter out at 3 feet tall each (or wide, depending on how you look at it).  Then, rolls of of paper in hand, I headed over to the quilt store and told them what I was planning.  With no pattern to follow except what was in my head, we figured out the amount of material needed for the backing, the letters, the border, backing and binding.

I also bought Steam A Seam.  By the way, that stuff is not really designed for 36″ pieces…

2015-09-19 10.18.27


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