flying geese

Half square triangles and flying geese is what’s on the February menu for Leah Day’s machine quilting block party.  There are a number of different ways to do these, and hers is one I’ve done before.

Draw a line, corner to corner on the smaller square then lay that on the larger piece.  Sew on the line, then fold over the finished right square triangle, like the yellow one is.  Trim away the excess fabric underneath to avoid bulky seams and then press…don’t iron.

The larger half square triangles are done with the method of drawing that line from corner to corner again, and lay the orange square on top  of the white square.  Then using the quarter inch sewing foot and sew the 2 diagonal seams and cut between those 2 finished seams and you’ll end up with 2 finished squares made up of 2 half square triangles.

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