organizing my fabric

This was such a mess.  I just needed to re-fold some fabrics and put the batiks all in one place.  I know some people have yards and yards and more yards of fabric stash. I like to buy fabric for a particular project, make that project and then move on.

Yes, some fabric goes by the wayside but I can’t handle the clutter of a million 2″ squares that I might use some day, or I might not (probably won’t).

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  1. regenahobert says:

    That’s a good point. I would like to learn paper piecing, maybe I should find one to help me with that.

    1. Personally I think Nancy Mahoney explained it best for me. I do much better when the pieces are cut in the finished shape with seam allowances. I found making a second print of the pattern and cutting it up, then trimming fabric to those templates worked best instead of generic rectangles that didn’t resemble the piece I was sewing.

  2. regenahobert says:

    I agree. I have yards and yards and yards of fabric stash, which I will admit has come in handy for small quick projects, but really it’s just in my way most of the time! I didn’t buy most of it, I’ve had neighbors give me fabric but I have no idea what quality it is, and most of it was inherited by my mother-in-law when she passed. To be fair though, some of it I did buy because it’s pretty and it may not be at the LQS when I do come up with a project for it!

    1. Are you doing the 365 challenge or Splendid Sampler? Those will use up the scraps in a hurry! I also use the “not so great” fabric to practice free motion quilting on so I don’t feel guilt about it.

      1. regenahobert says:

        I have only been quilting since July of last year, I have found that I like to make things up as I go versus following a BOM or similar program. I do practice with the ugly ones….we have way more ugly pot holders than we need!

        1. Haha! I probably spend more time on self-created projects but also like the BOM’s because I learn so much from them.

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