Simple Simon – SS block 5

The Simply Splended sampler is built on 6″ blocks.  I’ve done large 14 inch blocks, I’ve done 8 inch blocks.  This is the smallest and I’ll admit it – I thought about taking the easy way out on this block but I’m glad I didn’t.

It would’ve been easy to just make a 9 square block, then use my bias tape maker to make a narrow strip and sew them on there vertically. It might’ve looked better than this. But is that the point of this sampler?  Not for me. It’s about working through the challenge of each block and so I split this into 4 pieces and sewed the strips in as the directions call for.

It’s not perfect, but I’m proud of not taking the easy way out. Sticking with something that you value is worth going through the journey.

The original design is from Celine Perkins .

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  1. Lisa E says:

    Looks great Barbara! I’ve read all your blog posts now – good job!

    1. The invitation to co-author is open any time! 😉

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