Bloom Block 9

One little block, and yet it means that for a day or so, I am officially caught up on all my sewing projects.  I have the behemoth quilting project ahead of me (king sized quilt) so I have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime but since that one is a surprise I won’t be posting any photos of it until almost 3 months from now.

When I say I use my Accuquilt Go nearly every day, that’s true.  I’ve been cutting the strips as I go along.  In this instance, I had some strips of fabric used in the sashing shown here in other blocks but I still had a couple that I zipped through my 2.5″ die.  That may not save me a lot of time to cut just 2 strips but it’s worth it for the accuracy I get from them.

I have several rulers, including an 8.5″ square ruler as well as a 2.5 x 18″ ruler.  For the sashing, I always cut a 2.5″ strip the width of the fabric (which isn’t 42″ because these are panels) and then cut off what I need as I go along.  In other words, I used the 2.5″ width on the ruler to square off the 4 corners from the pink, yellow, brown and green fabrics.  Then I laid my 8.5″ ruler on top of the longer pieces since that matches the width and length of the unfinished square.  I find that to be a lot easier to use the ruler that matches exactly when I can.

After having finished 9 of these, I don’t have to look at the pattern each time now to know what size to cut it to; I can just automatically pick up the 8.5″ square ruler.

This has been my favorite block so far – do I say that every time? I probably do! I love the contrast of the blue vs. red in the block and yet each one stands on its own as well.



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