Block 17 – Family Stars

I’ve bought my fair share of fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop – they have fair prices, clean cuts, ship quickly, and they also cut more than just fat quarters.  It’s not often that you can call something “fat” and get away with it!  2016-04-10 12.35.33I never saw a lot of use for an awl.  I always forget the more common name for this tool. suggested I call it a dibble, gimlet, or wimble.  Hmmm….no….  I digress.  With these 6 inch squares, the pieces that make it up are tiny so I use this nearly every time. I came up with 57 separate pieces of fabric that make up this square. Wow!

2016-04-10 17.17.44This block calls for a number of flying geese and diamonds in a square which means a lot of points to line up – and not lose in the process.  I got the bright idea when I started sewing the seams on these that if I used a Frixion pen to highlight where the threads crossed that I would have an easier time getting them close. Kimberly used 5 colors plus a background fabric in her Splendid Sampler block to represent her 4 kids plus herself.  Keeping with that thought, I used 4 colors plus a background.  2 rose, 2 navy to represent the makeup of our little family.


2016-04-10 20.58.47When I finished the block, I got started on quilting the stained glass quilt.  I did a stitch-in-the-ditch along both sides of the white sashing starting from the middle and working out in 4 directions using my Sweet Sixteen.  I have just started quilting in the circles.  This will probably take a week to get through all the SID and circles which will give me more time to come up with the inspiration for the triangle pattern inside.

No deadline on this quilt which is nice for me!

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  1. Amanda G says:

    Love you Splendid Sampler colors! BTW: Are you anywhere near DFW?

    1. I’m in DFW several times a year, but I live close to Houston. I am surprised that I only know one person near me who is doing the Splendid Sampler also – it would be fun to get a group together once a week or so to sew some of the blocks as a group.

      1. Amanda G says:

        Yeah. I don’t know anyone IRL that is doing it. (I have a lot of family in DFW – Arlington and Saginaw) and I visit them every few years.

        1. This is the time of the year to visit – the temps are nearly perfect right now.

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