Block 24 – Inspector Sidekick

I made good use of my ink pen this for this block.  I’m still on the backup machine and the needle on this one doesn’t sit in the right spot – it’s about 1/16″ too far to the left and for kicks, sometimes it likes to jump even farther to the left.  Just like with the Brady Bunch, when you least expect it – expect it!

I’ve gotten in the habit of drawing 1/4″ on my seams for these blocks where a small issue becomes a big issue pretty quickly with so many pieces. It really doesn’t take long and my seams were all pretty close so it’s definitely worth it.

2016-05-05 16.54.37The designed for this block is Michele Foster .  She has very easy to follow directions which made this one easy to put together.  I had only finger pressed this into place; it still needs a good pressing.

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  1. shivetalking says:

    What a great idea! Why haven’t I thought to draw my seams!

    1. It’s actually really quick – a lot faster than I thought it would be.

      1. shivetalking says:

        I linked back to this page on my most recent post ( because I shared your tip for drawing my seam! Worked like a charm!

  2. I’m so lazy, usually all I do is finger press when I’m sewing, so I don’t have to get up! lol
    Texas, I’ve nominated you for a quote challenge, if you choose to accept.
    What is your name??

  3. Nice little blocks. I need to mark my 1/4″ seams on the corner blocks for wall hangings I’ve been working on. I seem to be unable to get them perfect otherwise. Great idea, thanks.

    1. Sometimes I mark them with a frixion pen but those seem to run out of ink really quickly so sometimes I just go renegade and use a ball point pen!

  4. Looking GOOD! Your blocks are coming together.

    1. Thank you! I think it takes a while to get a real sense of what the picture is going to look like. It sure seems like the first 25% went by really quickly!

    2. Thank you!

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