Bloom block 17

2016-05-12 12.08.23I actually finished up the first block of the last row of the Bloom blocks earlier this week. I don’t know if Lori has spelled it out but I think we will probably spend a couple of more weeks putting together the sashing and border.

In sewing machine news, I am giving serious thought to sewing on the Featherweight full-time for the time being except when I need a zigzag, since I don’t have that attachment for mine. Then when November rolls around I’ll check for deals on machines. The computer portion of mine needs to be replaced and with my Sweet Sixteen already in the shop, it’s suddenly adding up to be an expensive month of May.

2016-05-12 18.10.07

I started on the Splendid Sampler block last night and the first thing I noticed were those quarter inch wide stems in the pattern. I’m not crazy about the Clover thingy (I can never remember what it’s called) but realized it would be a big help in this situation.

2016-05-12 18.09.13Then I saw all the circles and knew I had that covered – I have circle dies in I think just about every size they make.  Sure enough, I had the perfect sizes for both the really small ones as well as the one in the middle.

My friend Lisa suggested taking 2 pieces of freezer paper – which apparently is hard to find in certain non-US countries?? – and iron them together to create the template that the circles will be basted around.  That worked like a charm! It’s stiff enough to hold its shape because there is a light coating on one side of the paper that sticks to the next piece, almost like glue.

2016-05-12 20.17.01I’m not finished yet, but I did get all the Dresden pieces made.  I accidentally sewed the wrong end to create the point the first time so I had to pull all of that out and do it again.  Good thing these are small blocks because there weren’t many stitches to pull out!

I had planned to do a satin stitch around the large circle – and I might still do that – but for the small ones I am planning to do needle turn applique.  This picture is deceiving – the finished circle sizes are only 3/4″ if I remember correctly.

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  1. treadlemusic says:

    Love that! Good thing you have the circle die!!! “Tiny” definitely applies to this one!!!!! Uber cute!!!!

    1. Thank you! It sure made it a lot easier and – well, more accurate – just like their name!

  2. Your posts are always inspiring.

    1. Thank you!

  3. Lisa E says:

    Nice color combo!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Did you see I snuck in some of the new fabric I bought the other day?

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