Block 27 – Sewing Machine

2016-05-15 11.56.31How about that for timing? The 27th block for The Splendid Sampler closely resembles a Singer Featherweight!  Good timing, Pat Sloan!

I looked for the darkest fabric in my stash that I’m using for this project to get close to the ebony color of my own 1949 Singer Featherweight.  And of course the heart would be pink. And since I wanted put the Singer logo, I wanted the circle to be cream so I could have high contrast to the machine. that left the last color – maroon, give or take – for the spool, base, and balance wheel (I think that’s what it’s called).

2016-05-17 15.47.00I used Heat ‘N Bond to temporarily attach it to the back of each piece. The key to using that is when they say heat for 2 seconds on medium heat, what they mean is … heat for 2 seconds on medium heat.  This went so much better than the bunny rabbit, when I heated it too long!

I am going to machine stitch it down with a satin stitch and proclaim it finished!

2016-05-15 06.20.56In the world of Lucy Boston blocks, my friend had said that Sue Daley has a set of small mirrors for previewing fabric.  I went online at Amazon and found a set of 5 mirrors really cheap. I cut a piece of duct tape and taped 2 together and voila! If you set them just right on the fabric, you can see what 4 pieces sewn together will look like for the center block.

Isn’t that cool?


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  1. Thanks for sharing that mirror idea and what a beautiful Singer you have. Beautiful block too!

    1. Thank you! That mirror has made all the difference for me in seeing the middle cross layout. I’m on to the next one now!

  2. I can’t decide what I like most, the block or the Singer 🙂

    1. Thanks! I realize sewing on it! It’s amazing that they sew so well, decades later.

  3. Lisa E says:

    Sweet Singer!! And I love the fabric possibilities shown in your mirrors!

    1. Thanks for suggesting the mirrors to me.

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