Block 32 – The Constant Needle

2016-06-01 12.34.48

Wow am I ever running in 20 different directions this week!  I’m taking a quick break to post a few pictures and then I’ll be off running again. Here’s the Bloom quilt with all 20 blocks sewn together.  I also sewed the top, left, and right sashing but didn’t get a picture of it yet.


And here’s a picture of the Splendid Sampler quilt, including block # 32 at the top – the flower that’s at an angle.  I decided to machine quilt the applique, so I cut out the templates for each piece and then sewed the top layer to the middle layer and then the middle layer to to the bottom.  Then, as you can see in the picture of it from the back, I sewed right over a paper template in the process.  At least that came out pretty quickly!


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  1. The angle of the flower matches that of the line of geese flying, nice!


    1. Hey I didn’t notice that before – I might have to leave it that way! Cool!

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      1. Yay!! I inspired you!

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  2. They all look great!

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