hundreds of hours

I realized today – the hard way – that the connectors also have 24 pieces each, which is the same as each block.  And with 2 sashes that equal 20 pieces, they almost take as much time.  Yep, time to work on some of this!

I decided to do some math.

56 blocks – 24 pieces each = 1344 sides
56 connectors – 24 pieces each = 1344 sides
112 sashes – 10 pieces each = 1120 sides

3808 sides divided by 2 = 1904 seams
5 minutes per seam = 158+ hours

Not including pieces on each edge, time cutting and glueing, picking out fabric, etc.  And of course basting, quilting and adding the binding.  Now I know why I don’t add this up for other quilts; I’d never make ’em!  Haha!

2016-06-07 16.04.01-1Here are some links to tutorials, etc. for patchwork of the crosses that I’ve come across:

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  1. Lisa E says:

    Satisfaction after creating a piece of beauty….priceless!

    1. That is so true! And that reminds me of my favorite phrase – will this matter in 20 years? Not unless it takes me 20 years to finish it! I also want to do a La Passacaglia quilt sometime.

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