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I’m closing in on my backlog, which is good since I have a couple of new quilts to start.  2016-06-12 19.53.33 We have a couple of twin day beds set up in our game room for sleepovers, guests, etc.  The twin beds at college are x-long but at least I could use one of ours to estimate if I had enough drop on each side.

Plus the daughter was pretty excited to see the quilt top laid out on an actual bed to get an idea of what it will look like.  I She said she didn’t want a full bedspread length because she figured the edges would just get dirty that way…and she’s probably right!

A friend and I went in together earlier this year and bought a huge roll of Hobbs batting when it was on sale at a LQS – I’m already making a good dent in my half after using a portion on the stained glass quilt, the hunters star quilt, and for good measure, I also started basting the Bloom quilt.

I ordered the specific fabric she wants for the back of the quilt and since it’s not in yet and I had my fold-out table set up already, I started basting the Bloom quilt immediately after.  I like safety pins, but for smaller width quilts, it’s hard to beat the basting spray.  It does tend to set off my asthma if I don’t wear a mask, but the job goes so fast with it.

The back of the Bloom quilt didn’t have the pizzaz of the front, but all the neatly pressed edges looked pretty, and I was glad to see that the knots were small enough that they laid flat when I got the batting on.

I don’t know what on earth I did to my iron, but I got out the backing fabric to press so I could get that side done and now it’s tilting to one long side so much that I can’t even iron on the crazy thing! I folded it flat and opened it again; no change.  I put some WD-40 to loosen the parts up; no difference at all.  It happens to be the same ironing board I took with me to college – back when Michael Jackson’s album Thriller was out if that gives you an idea of the vintage – so it might just be that I’ll have to replace it.

At any rate, I’ll get the back basted later this week and then start quilting it if the other fabric doesn’t come in first.

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  1. Maxine says:

    The hunters star is looking great. These days I tend to only use the basting spray. Completing things is a very liberating feeling.

    1. I got it all stay stitched; I had to fix one corner piece where I had a small wrinkle but otherwise, it’s just so easy to use the spray. I’ll be glad when the backing fabric comes in for the hunters star so I can knock that one out.

  2. Tables work! Throw a towel on that puppy, and ready to go! lol
    The orange star quilt is pretty!!
    Smart girl!

    1. Haha! I actually tried that previously – and I have the burn mark on the table to prove it! I had about 4 layers of batting underneath fabric and it still was too hot. I think this iron gets to temps that are hotter’n Hades!

      1. OOpsie! That does sound blazing hot!!
        I’ve burned thru my ironing board cover!

        1. I’ve done that in years past too. I’m always tempted when I spill water on the ironing board to set the iron on it to dry it, but experience has taught me that it’s a really bad idea!

          1. Haha, you and I think alike!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Wow! You’re motoring right along and I’m liking it!!!!! Your ironing board tale needs a happy ending!! I never iron unless it’s sewing related, so my boards last a long time…..LOL!!!!!

    1. Same here! But after almost 35 years…well it finally got tired and left me broken hearted. I went to pick up a new one at JoAnn’s last night – a hundred bucks! Wow!

      1. treadlemusic says:

        The board (base) I use is my mother-in-law’s, made of wood and has a larger top (made by DH) to make pressing those large pieces of quilt fabric.

        1. I have a couple of friends who have a setup like that. I wish I had something like that….but I need to find someone handy to make it for me!

          1. treadlemusic says:

            If a nearby lumber yard would cut the piece (I used 1/2″ MDF board, 20″ x 60″) you could nail the smaller pieces on the underside that keep it from sliding around, I’m sure.

            1. I should check to see if Lowe’s etc. would do that. Good idea – thanks!

              1. treadlemusic says:

                I wish you success!!!!

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