Block 37 – Dashing by Chocolate

2016-06-19 19.33.33My apologies to anyone that says “that’s not a churn dash block!”.  You’re right. My mom always had a lot of issues with her stomach and would say her stomach was churning.  That word just brings back memories of my mom not feeling well so I switched the color layout but kept the pattern.

This block was quick and easy! I decided to throw in a fabric in there that isn’t from the same line as the others to see if I could stretch the colors in the overall quilt a bit.  I’m still undecided if I actually like the choice I made but when it’s just one block in the quilt, it’s close enough that it blends in so I’m keeping it this way.

2016-06-19 20.06.16

I had someone ask me the other day if I could make them a simple half square quilt.  Sure!  So I headed to the LQS over the weekend and picked up the fabric needed thinking I could probably whip this out before the backing shows up tomorrow for the hunters star quilt.

And then….I received an invitation to a wedding yesterday.  I thought we would get one based on our friendship, but as the day approached and we didn’t, I thought they migh have trimmed their list down and we didn’t make the cut (hey, it happens – weddings are expensive!). Last year I had been told verbally by the father that we were invited to a wedding celebration and spent a lot of time and money to buy a personalized gift and then…well we weren’t invited, so I decided I wasn’t making a quilt this time until I was really sure.

Can I get a quilt made that’s fit for a wedding gift in just a few weeks?  I need to make a decision, and probably today so that I have time to finish it if I am.  And I might need to simplify the design I had.  Then again, I might just pick up something from their gift registry but I hate to do that. Stay tuned….

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  1. Thread crazy says:

    I agree, select n easy pattern and you can whip it out. Most individuals who don’t quilt are excited to receive one of our creations. Jelly rolls can make beautiful quilts!

  2. I put white corners on my flying geese for that block, too. I think it works!

    1. Oh good! I’ll have to go check yours out – great minds think alike!

  3. “Pressure Quilting”! Yes I can relate – wanting to make a quilt for an even that is rapidly approaching! My suggestion is there are many simple patterns (like a jelly roll pattern) that with the right fabrics look more complicated and if they are non quilters they won’t even know the difference. 🙂

    1. If I do, it will end up being something like that. I did see a pattern that interests me; it would be easy enough to cut with my Accuquilt which will speed the process up.

  4. norma says:

    I bet you can be ready in time – you are so efficient

    1. I think you have more confidence in me than I do!

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