Quilt guild name tag

That was quick!  Today over lunch, I basted and quilted the block I sew yesterday. Then I cut 2 pieces fur the back and basted and quilted them together.  
. I cut 2 long pieces 5/8″ wide and ran them each through the same stem  maker I used for the Bloom quilt. After that, I ran a zigzag stitch through the middle and attached the 2 pieces together in the process to make one long piece and then sewed each end to the top of the back side.

I turned it right sides together and sewed asking 3 sides, leaving the top open and then turned under the top and sewed so it would have a finished edge.  Done!


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  1. reocochran says:

    So wonderful and what a cute tag!

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    1. Thanks! And I’m done more than a week ahead of time – I wasn’t sure that was going to happen at the rate I was going.


  2. treadlemusic says:

    Dontcha just luv “tah dah!” moments!!!????

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