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wp-1469915992329.jpgI think our quilt group had the largest number yet go on our road trip yesterday.  I don’t know how many there were on the bus but it seemed like I only recognized half of them.  Lots of quilters in our area!

It was in a venue with quite a few vendors which was nice to get to see what so many different shops around Texas had to offer.  I think everyone in the state must’ve been there – I couldn’t take 2 steps forward without running into someone, so hopefully that means it was a success for the group that put it on, as well as all the shops that trekked halfway across the state to be there.  There was some fabric but I didn’t buy any – I have (can it be?) plenty to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.  I think there were a lot more kits, notions, and patterns which I’m sure is easier for them to transport back and forth.  I very nearly bought a quilting ruler in the shape of Texas but it was only about 4×4″ and although it was unique, all I could think of was “no continuous stitching with that”.  I did pick up a couple of patterns though.  And my friend surprised me with some think straw needles in sizes 8 and 9.  Nice!

wp-1469915967230.jpgThe rest of the family  headed to the water park today.  I’ve had skin cancer that included chemo and surgery, and that’s enough to cure my desire to spend a day floating down a lazy river with thousands of people in the sun.

I stayed home instead and got back to work on my Bloom quilt.  I quilted, and I quilted, and I quilted some more.  I think previously I had finished 8 of 20 blocks.  By the time they got back home, I was just about to tackle the final block, so I quit for the day.  I have that and the border and I’ll be ready for binding. Yay!  This upcoming week has the potential for some unplanned downtime but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll soon be able to call it complete.

Not much to show in the way of Patchwork of the Crosses, but I finished 2 more connectors.  I cut out some more fabric and paper templates so that I’ll be ready when I have time to work on it other than in the evenings.


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  1. I stay inside too. I love the quilting around the tulip.

    1. Thank you!

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