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wp-1470271651109.jpgIt was 5pm yesterday and I needed to leave by 6:10 for the quilt guild meeting when suddenly, I wasn’t feeling it for the name tag that I made the other day.  Even as I write that out, I’m thinking “it’s just a name tag!”  There’s not a name tag competition or anything.  But I whipped out a quick 6″ block then laid it right sides together to the fabric for the back and then on the top I laid a square of batting.  I did a quick 1/4″ around and left just enough to turn it right side out, then sewed on the outside 1/4″ to close it up and stitched around the red fabric on the straight lines.  I finished it off by writing my first name on the top right section, then my last name on the vertical portion on the bottom right.  Then I split up the name of the quilt guild between the top vertical portion and the bottom left.  I took a large pin with me and I was done.  I just decided less was more I guess.  All I know is as I was walking in, the women in front of me oohed and aahed over it.  If you have a name tag on, you get an extra ticket for the drawing that night but I’m pretty sure a paper name tag would suffice.  Oh well, where else can you get away with wearing a quilted name tag!

wp-1470271644742.jpgI’m taking a quick break from hand sewing the binding on the Bloom quilt this evening to write a blog post.

I finished up another quilt and showed it last night at the meeting.  I put it in the mail today and it’s supposed to get to its final home on Friday so I’ll post pictures of it then.  In the meantime, tomorrow is block # 50 for the Splendid Sampler.  I think I’ll rearrange my blocks on the wall so that I have 10 rows across.  That will really help me see the best balance of color for the second half of this project.

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  1. geeknots says:

    I think this is such a cute and creative idea! You are right, where else can you wear a quilted name tag! Haha, Love it!

  2. sparkilyblog says:

    I love the pink and red colors. I just joined a guild, so have name tag sewing on my mind!

    1. I hope you like the guild you’re in. I learn so much at the meetings! It’s a lot of fun!

      1. sparkilyblog says:

        I do like it, thank you! And I am learning so much too, it’s wonderful 🙂

  3. KerryCan says:

    We’re supposed to pay a 25-cent fine if we don’t wear a name tag at guild meetings. Two years in and I still don’t have a tag . . . . time to do something about it, I guess, since it’s costing me money!

    1. Most people wear the paper one that was mailed to them…but I lost mine right off the bat!

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