9 down, 16 to go

20160831_121834.jpgI wanted to get a quick idea of how these would look together, so I went out of order and sewed 2 rows of 2.  That means that I needed to finish four more sets of 2 before I can get back to sewing these  one row at a time.

So…for now I need to complete the tenth one – just so I can sew the ninth one on.  I’m impatient – I admit it!  I’m sure there are plenty of people who cut out all the strips first, and then cut all the individual pieces next and so on.  Working a block at a time inspires me though because I can see the actual progress.

One thing I really like about paper piecing is because there is a fair amount of cutting and pressing, it’s easy to do when I’m on the phone.

20160830_055005.jpgI was on the phone with three different friends Monday night, and again for another hour or more last night.  The first was my neighbor across the street.  “Are you sewing?”  I laughed – of course!  She knew that already because she knows I sew in the front room of our house so when she sees the light on in there, she knows what I’m up to.

Initially, I printed out 30 copies of the template page – I’ll need 100 by the time I’m done (and yes, that means I’m almost a third done with the top – yay!). By the end of Monday evening, I had cut enough templates for 2 more blocks as well as pressed the seams on the ones I had finished sewing.  That sped up the sewing process last night but it’s not good for me to get too far ahead.

20160830_203755_001.jpgOne other thing I noticed on some of the early blocks was I was missing some of the points of the star. I’m not crazy about using pins (and yes, in this picture I grabbed what I had and a flat head pin would’ve helped).  Holding a pin in place at the tips has made all the difference in the world with having sharp points at the edges so I’m glad I started doing that before I got too far down the road on this quilt.

Initially, I had a crazy idea I might like to make a feathered star quilt.  I think I have gotten that out of my system for now at least – haha!  I might still make one next year or so, but definitely not when I’m working on the Splendid Sampler or any other big projects.

20160830_085314.jpgAnd finally, a random photo of our kitty.  She thinks she the boss – can you tell?  She’s 17 years old and from the looks of it, she’s missing a few teeth but she’s as feisty as she ever was.  That would make a great art quilt…


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  1. love this its making a very simple secondary design that adds sophistication

    1. Thank you! I think she’s a great designer!

  2. KerryCan says:

    That’s going to be amazing! I can see why you wanted to get a look at it–it’s got to be very motivating to see it come together so well. Your cat looks like she knows she’s the head of the house!

    1. Haha! She is!

  3. I really love the purple stars in between the big ones!! I’d want a quilt of those only, and dispense with the blue/green stars!

    1. Ha ha! I should do that! And I would’ve expected nothing less based on the name of your blog!

      1. Yes! You should! 😉

  4. It looks like the kitty is saying: “NO – do not place that block here” 🙂 Looks like you are making great progress on another great quilt!

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