img_0541I think I’ve had the same goal for  3 or 4 days now.  Finish block 60 of the Splendid Sampler, and finish the 3rd row of the purple star quilt.  I finally got one of those completed yesterday – yay!  The picture of this is actually rotated which hopefully explains why the left side – which is actually the bottom – looks a little wavy.  It’s really because just as I was getting ready to iron it, I received an invitation to meet a friend for the evening so I quickly pinned this up so I could take a photo of it….even if it wasn’t ironed.

2016-09-13I had decided last night was going to be the night I finally finished the embroidery on that block, but that will have to wait for another day.  The women’s mission group at our church (no boys allowed!) meets monthly; they rotate what they’re working on but this particular month there was a quilt that had been sewn and basted and just needed to be tied off.  They tie it off typically instead of quilting for a number of reasons, including so more people can be involved with the process as you can see in the photo. They make the quilts and send them off to the national organization who in turns holds on to them until the next inevitable natural disaster hits and then hundreds if not thousands are typically dispersed at a time.

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  1. This is really a beautiful quilt ! I love the pattern.

  2. That is so cool – women getting together in a quilting circle old school style – nice sense of community!

    1. It is nice! I was thinking of you when I wrote the “no boys allowed” comment. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if any of the men helped, but I think they have things they do separately as well. All I know is the guys go skeet shooting and have fish fries – haha!

  3. That’s a great program. Inspiring!

    1. That’s the first time I’ve gone in a long time; they do other things as well. Last night they were filling empty backpacks to have handy for (I think) low income families that need some help in that area.

  4. Quilts for needy people are always a welcome item. What a comfort a cozy quilt can be.

    1. Thanks! I think there are only 1 or 2 women who currently piece them and then when they’re ready, the group as a whole ties them off. That might be an area where I could help but I need to find out if that’s even an interest since they have several projects.

  5. judybushey43 says:

    Purple Star quilt worked out beautifully. Will you machine quilt it?

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