Block 64 – Rising Star

20160923_175222.jpgWow.  Let me just say that again slowly.  W-o-w.  If I thought Jane had some tiny pieces in her blocks; if I thought that paper pieced dress had some tiny pieces…..there weren’t many of them – just 12 – but those little white pieces in the middle?  They start out as 1″ squares.  I know what you’re thinking – but you’re working on  6″ block so that seems doable.  The next step is to draw a diagonal on that 1″ (unfinished) square and sew it to the corner of a 2.5″ unfinished square.  So really, the unfinished size of that white square is 1/2″ and the finished size?  Teensy tiny itsy bitsy.  I live in Texas.  It’s still hot here and I tend to run an oscillating fan when I sew but I didn’t dare on this block; those would’ve blown away and been lost forever.

img_20160923_184546.jpgThe rest of the block was easy though!  A while back I custom ordered a die for my Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.  I am currently sewing the sashes to the blocks I’ve already made so nothing too exciting to report.  But that die happens to include a 1″ square that I use for the template where it calls for the square.  I’m so glad I had that because being a couple of threads off on something that starts out at just 1″ is going to make a difference.  For good measure, I used my 2 1/” die for the other 9 squares.  There was some glue basting going on and I put the governor on the pedal to super slow to make sure that I took my time with this one.  And I threw in a different medium blue that I bought this week for good measure.

20160924_164536.jpgI couldn’t put it off; today was the day I would baste what I’ve dubbed the “purple star quilt” but its real name is Anna’s Starflake designed by Nancy McNally. I always like picking out the pattern for a quilt; sometimes choosing fabric can be daunting but it is fun.  Sewing a quilt top?  Hands down my favorite part.  Quilting it? That’s the part that I’m usually nervous to start since it can easily go awry and those are stitches I dread having to pick out.  Binding?  I like it more now than I used to and it is the final step so it’s okay.  But basting.  Oh basting.  If it’s a lap sized quilt or a baby quilt it’s no big deal.  If my handy assistant is available to help then it goes faster (that would be the husband!). But no such luck this time.  I was on my own today.  The first thing I did was to knock over my bowl that supposedly keeps all my magnetic pins in it but as you can see it’s not as magnetic as I thought!  That quilt is basted my friends and I even started the quilting on it tonight.

20160924_182603.jpgIn an attempt to put it off as long as possible, I called my sister.  I called my sister-in-law.  I got lucky and another friend called and told me about her trip to Niagara Falls.  Oh and I started cutting out the next quilts I’m working on.  This one will be easy peasy.  6″ squares, 3×6″ sashing and 3″ cornerstones using the 12″ Qube from Accuquilt.

I can never remember the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.  I know one of them has the Starship Lollipop or some name like that.  One of them has “Luke I am your Fadder” as a quote and one has a guy with pointy ears.  But mostly what I know is my son and my nephew both like Star Wars so I’m making them identical quilts for Christmas. That’s a wrap for today!

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  1. That is teeny! You are fearless in taking on these blocks! 🙂

    1. I bet someone is keeping a running total of how many pieces we’ve used so far!

  2. Those one inch pieces really paid off, this Rising Star block is pretty cool! Reproduction fabrics are fun to shop for! I am just like you, I get confused over Star Trek and Star Wars and then everyone rolls their eyes at me and thinks I’m from outer space for not knowing the difference! Now ask me a question about quilting, fabrics, their differences, designs, etc. and I can talk for hours!

    1. We have a lot in common! I’ve been cutting out the Star Wars/Trek pieces while I’ve been on the phone this week so that I’ll have as much cut when I finally have time to start sewing on them.

  3. You’re so funny!!
    I’d not EVEn attempt 1″ squares!!
    You are one productive quilter!! I doff my hat to you!!

    1. Sometimes I think I do better with the 1″ squares than the so-called large ones!

      1. Oh my goodness!

  4. I too am in texas and today taking a picture had to turn off the fans so the quilt would not blow away onto itself. Those pieces are tiny but will be worth it in the end. Happy Quilting!

    1. Thank you! I knocked 2 more out today. We had a couple of cooler days so I left the fan off for a change.

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