Star Wars quilt # 1 complete!

20161116_122858.jpgOne thing I always do when I’m working on a quilt is to pin the completed rows or columns up to the wall during the interim so I can catch anything that’s “off” before I get too far down the road.  How did I miss this?  The sewing was completed.  I quilted it from top to bottom.  I got the binding cut and sewn on – and since I have 3 quilts to complete in 5 weeks, I did machine sew the binding on.  My husband held it up for me to take a photo and then I saw it.

The very top set of blocks were each rotated 90 degrees to the right accidentally before I sewed that row together.  My husband told me not to  take up quilting as a paid gig – haha!  I’m making 2 of these – one for our son and one for my niece’s son as Christmas presents.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough if I pieced the other one like this too!  My niece’s son is just 9 years old so I’m sure he won’t care and I’m betting he won’t even notice.

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  1. You know, if you hadn’t mentioned it I would have thought you did the turn on purpose since the entire section was turned the same and it just looks like an intentional change of direction all the way across.

    1. That’s what I’m going to tell ’em when it shows up as a Christmas present!

  2. I think sometimes mistakes truly are little blessings if we choose to appreciate our imperfections. I wrote a blog about it a short time ago.

    1. I’m headed over to find your post now!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Smiles this just happen to me too on my last Log cabin quilt.. Lucky for me had noticed it before I went to far.
    I love your quilt and would not worry about it. I say ,errors can happen and are not mistakes I look at them as unique they make the Quilt “Your Quilt” one of a kind.

    1. It inspires me to make more so that that blip is just a distant memory in no time!

  4. Joan Eady says:

    I like to take a photo of a quilt top before sandwiching it. For some reason, “mistakes” seem easier to spot on my computer screen than in real life.

  5. Joan says:

    I like to take a picture of a quilt top before sandwiching it. For some reason, “mistakes” seem easier to spot on my computer screen than in real life.

    1. Ironically I had done that but it didn’t help this time! I totally agree with you though – I do tend to “see” them better on a photograph than in real life. I wonder why that is?

  6. ---"Love" says:

    Tell the kids (and your husband) you made it different from the next one so they could tell which quilt was theirs! No future mix-ups between them. I think it looks cool that way. —“Love”

    1. Great idea! That reminds me that I need to make quilt labels for them.

  7. Cool quilt and of course, if you had not told us, we would have never noticed the block rotated in the unplanned direction!

    1. I’ve changed my mind since yesterday – I planned it all along. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL!

  8. Oops! Happens to all of us…maybe this part will be under his pillow!

    1. Oh that’s a good idea! I do have some extra fabric so if I have time maybe I can whip out a couple of pillow shams – or even faster, some pillow cases.

  9. Man, you have good eyes!! I sure can’t tell!
    He will love it!!

    1. I am surprised I didn’t notice it somewhere along the way. I’ll have the second one loaded in the next day or so; I checked it yesterday and so far I think I lined the blocks up the way it was originally intended.

  10. Deb says:

    I know that feeling! It still is a lovely quilt.

    1. Thanks! It helps to know I have company even with the “surprises”.

  11. I can’t imagine that there is a quilter out here who hasn’t done something similar. I know I have. And, I’m guessing no one will even notice it, well, except you. 🙂

    1. I bet you’re right! Now I wish I hadn’t told my husband – haha! He’ll never remember so I’m safe.

  12. admcmasters says:

    Dare to be different. Conformity kills creativity! It looks fine and just think of the smiles it will bring over the years when someone does notice it. Good job!

    1. That’s a great point! I’m going to keep quiet about it and since it’s going to go on a bed and not hang on the wall, I bet no one ever notices!

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