Block 83 – Minnesota Maze

20161127_144238.jpgBack to work tomorrow after almost a full week off. That was a nice break! The college student just had a short break so we didn’t go out of town but enjoyed the time we had together at home. I still need to do the EPP block for The Splendid Sampler.  I haven’t forgotten; I just thought since it’s all hand sewing I would do it once I’m done with the binding on the Libs Elliott quilt.

Today’s block called for traditional piecing. I cheated.  I saw paper piecing written all over this.  I made 3 copies of the original pattern so I could have the quarter inch seam on paper as well.  That wasn’t necessary but I always thinks it helps.  I could’ve recreated it in EQ7 and saved some paper but this was the quickest way.

20161127_164546.jpgBy the time I got to the final seam all the natural light was gone.  I should’ve glue basted this together because it’s obvious when I look at it that I needed to nudge the points on the inner diamond just a bit.  If I get a chance this week, it wouldn’t take but a minute to fix that.

I counted out my “light vs. dark” blocks the other day and I needed to add to my dark stash which is why I used the tan material for the background. I really like this block.  It was a challenge working with the tiny pieces but I like how the blue fabrics play off of each other.

20161127_132705.jpgI also finished the rest of my 4-patch blocks for En Provence for week 1. I thought I would show a sampling of a number of the blocks all laid out together so you can get a sense of how non-like fabric blends together when they’re all in the same general color scheme.

For instance, there is fabric in there with a small navy blue print.  There’s another one with small red print.  I thought originally those might be too distracting but now that I look at it, I think they worked just fine.  It will be interesting to see how this fits in with the whole quilt! And if you wanted to make the quilt but aren’t crazy about 2″ squares being sewn together, the alternative is to cut 3 1/2″ squares and skip all the sewing! The link-up is at

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  1. treadlemusic says:

    Luv the quilt block!!! And all those little beige pieces!!! I think I will keep my focus on the quilty stitchings. All that little stuff (normally) doesn’t fit well with my approach (unless there is some serious chain piecing involved!!!!!!)….

    1. Haha – there *is* serious chain piecing involved! But at the end of the day it’s still a 3″ finished block so there’s that…

      1. treadlemusic says:

        Trouble “liking” that 3″ part!!!😳

  2. I think those “beige-ish” squares all do blend together. I had to look really close to see the different color prints!

    1. Don’t look! Don’t look! Haha!

  3. chela3 says:

    You are amazing!

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