7 – Birds in the Air

img_20161211_144121.jpgI officially started on the Bible sampler quilt.  I spent a few days thinking about what colors I wanted to use in it as well as fabric type.  I have a good deal of batiks on hand and since I’m going to be paper piecing all 96 blocks I decided batiks it is.

This particular block is made with fabric from Edyta Sitar that I used in a quilt I made for my sister’s birthday this year that I named Elvis.

I thought originally I would make these in numerical order and then I saw the first block had Y seams and thought….let’s start with something easy instead!  This quilt will probably take me through half of 2017 to finish so no hurry on this one.

Update – this is based on a book titled “Bible Sampler Quilt” by Laurie Hird.  I think I might keep a running total of the number of pieces used to make this quilt for the fun of it!  This one has 11 pieces.

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  3. A Bible sampler quilt? that’s sounds fascinating! Please explain how it got the name Bible sampler?

    1. I wrote about it some more today on my blog but the short story is that’s the name of the book by Laurie Hird. Each block relates to a particular passage based on the name of the block.

      1. How cool!! I should probably read that, it sounds so interesting!

  4. You’re a very brave woman to you hand sew batiks with their tight weave. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

    1. Thank you! Ironically, I like batiks especially because of the tight weave because it helps keep the fabric from stretching.

  5. Nice contrast with the batik fabrics. Edyta is one of my favorite designers.

    1. Mine too – she really as a great sense of style and her fabrics always have so much interest in them.

  6. Paper piecing 96 blocks?!?! Is it called a Bible quilt as you have to use the good book to help you pray to get through it?!?! Wow my hats off to you! I do not like paper piecing ONE block 🙂

    1. Haha! That’s the name of the book by Laurie Hird so I just started calling it by the book’s name! I think paper piecing is one of those things that people tend to either love it or hate it!

  7. wow you really like sampler quilts. so this one is all blocks from bible stories? did you finish the other one you were working on?

    1. The quilt is from the blocks in a book titled “Bible sampler quilt” by Laurie Hird. I like sampler quilts because they always provide a challenge because each block requires a different thought process. It keeps me on my toes!

  8. I have a similar black batik fabric that I used in a hexagonal table center and I loved the look of it.

    1. I bet that’s really pretty!

      1. Batik fabrics are so nice to work with, and I particularly liked the black. It sets off all the other colours.

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