Block 97 – First Purse

20170206_095222.jpgThis block may not look like much at first glance.  That’s because it’s missing the final ingredient.  This is a purse – a small hand purse that has a small clasp at the top which is made out of 2 buttons.  Looking back, it probably wasn’t too bright to sew the buttons on the other 2 blocks that I’ve added them on to because I’m going to want to remove them before quilting.

I had a few little puckers over there on the left that I can probably pick out and get straight.  It’s been a crazy day at the house so I’ll save that for tomorrow!

20170206_110159.jpgSpeaking of tomorrow, I’ll plan to post block 98 then.  Wow!  I have all but 2 finished!

I haven’t talked much about this next project.  It’s called Outlander is is a mystery quilt (I know!  Another mystery quilt!) designed by Ebony Love.  I’ve never watched the show Outlander and I daresay never even heard of it.  But there’s fabric out there inspired by the show and Ebony made a quilt out of it.  She likes to do that with various shows.  I’m doing this one with my sister.  I cut out the blocks for week 1 but I’m waiting for my sister to get her fabric.  I haven’t cut out week 2.  This is week 3 and it consists of triangles in a square.

20170206_114100.jpgThese always look confusing to me right before they’re finished.  The triangles are just a hair off of equilateral so it’s easy to get them turned sideways. Likewise the side triangles look backwards and upside down.

When the second other triangle is sewn on though suddenly it looks the way it’s supposed to.  This set of blocks will also have a dark green square at the bottom.  I didn’t cut them yet because I may be able to make better use out of scraps from another block down the road.  Week 3 really is 3 x 15 so not a block in the traditional sense.  Cool!

20170206_174626.jpgBut wait!  There’s more!  I went to go get the mail today and there was a boatload of things for us.  We had been out of town for several days and I hit the jackpot when I got home.  First of all, the Christmas pajamas I ordered over 2 months ago showed up.  Yeah…so they won’t be getting any more business from me.  The next curious package said it was from Handi Quilter.  Sometime in Decembe they had put out a quick contest – submit a video of how you use your long arm and a few lucky winners would spend several days in Utah for some hands on training.  I really wanted to win and my expert videographer (the middle schooler) did a great job.  In the end, I didn’t win.  But they sent me a great consolation prize.  Basting scissors!  Can I even tell you how excited I was to get these?  I hadn’t bought a pair because I’ve been prioritizing my purchases and this hadn’t reached the top yet.  So to get them free, free, free was just the treat to make my day.

20170206_174757_001.jpgOne more for the day.  Something else I ordered back in December was this laser cut quilt kit from Libs Elliott.  It’s a skull’s head.  That doesn’t fit the bill at all with the type of quilt I typically make does it?  No flowers or daisies here.  This was an extremely limited edition – she only cut 40 of them and I have a hand numbered, signed card from her that indicates I was # 6 on the list.  I have plans for this but it will be later this fall and no it definitely won’t look like anything else I’ve done so far. I just need to work out the rest of the details – they’re in my head and now I need to get them down on paper.  Stay tuned for October or so!

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  1. Isn’t it nice when the mailbox is filled with surprises, not bills? Enjoy!

    1. That is so true!

  2. Wow! Nice to start the new year with lots of projects!

    1. The Splendid Sampler winds up on Sunday and from there it’s just a matter of piecing it together and then quilting so I figured I needed something else to fill my time – haha!

  3. Jill says:

    Lucky you winning a prize! But what do you do with basting scissors? I don’t think I’ve heard of them before…..

    1. They are designed specifically for cutting batting. And now I just realized that I wrote basting instead of batting – no wonder that didn’t make any sense! Anyway, they are a big help because they slice through the batting like it’s butter.

      1. Jill says:

        OK now I understand! Sounds like a good idea

  4. Just no words for the skull quilt….

  5. Wow!! congrats on the scissors!!

  6. Meg says:

    I’ve seen pictures of two quilts of that skull pattern, I love it!

  7. Wow! You do like a challenge, don’t you? Good for you!

  8. kathyreeves says:

    You are done with 98?!! I haven’t got it printed yet. I’m going to needle turn it so I get some practice at that skill.😳 I hear it is very relaxing after you get the basics down…hope so.

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