marking a loaded quilt

20170427_073343I’m still here!  My friend asked if I could make a larger sized quilt so I’m knee deep in block 20-something of 121 total blocks.  It may be toward the end of the summer before I’m finished with this quilt.  I don’t think she has a timeline for receiving it though; if she has, she’s been sweet enough not to mention it to me.  As a result, I haven’t had much news to blog about.

I did find a bit of a shortcut for the pattern; I’ve been laying all the squares out in the color combination they need to go.  I finally got the bright idea to stack 3 or 4 of the same color combos up so that I complete multiple blocks at the same time.  It mentally seems faster.

20170430_174827I have a super quick quilt on the longarm in the meantime when I need a break from the sewing machine.  I decided to try Hobbs’ Tuscany silk batting and wow is this the most luxurious feeling batting ever!  I am totally in love with it.  It’s more expensive than a cotton or cotton blend but if you are looking for something that has a lot of loft but still provides some warmth, this is definitely it.  I can see I’m going to use this a lot more going forward because it really makes the quilting pop. That last picture had a row of basting across it, which is the off-kilter horizontal line at the top; ignore that!

20170430_171319I needed to make some markings on the fabric for this one and these are really large blocks so I was having issues marking on the ruler base because I didn’t have enough room to mark to the back – the machine head has the ruler base connected to it and it was in the way.  Someone suggested the idea of propping an ironing board underneath it to give me a large, flat area to mark the quilt on.  What a great idea!!!

I lowered it enough to get it under the bottom layer of fabric (the machine is off to the right) and then I prop it up high enough so that the ironing board is level with the fabric.  It’s a cheap, perfect way to mark large sections of a quilt without having to do it prior to loading the quilt.

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  1. kathyreeves says:

    You are staying super busy! That batting does make the quilt look amazing, it will be fun to see the final reveal.

  2. You just amaze me, all you get down so fast!

  3. I got rid of my adjustable ironing board when I got a Big Board – looks like I’ll need to buy a new one ’cause that’s a brilliant solution! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I got the idea from someone else so I can’t take credit for it. My ironing board was in the garage – glad I can get some use out of it!

  4. You’ve sure got your hands full.Busy, busy, busy!

    1. I’m meeting myself coming and going!

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