bias, bias, and more bias

20180104_205358.jpgI had 4 quilting projects that were started in 2017 but not finished and my goal was to knock out at least 2 of the tops.  I finished those 2 by the end of the year so I had a choice to either quilt one or both of those, or to continue trying to knock down my WIP tops.

The 4th quilt is one that I had planned to sew with my sister via FaceTime or something similar but I don’t think she’s really interested in ever completing that one.  I’ve set that one aside for a while so my short term goal is to see if I can finish quilt top # 3 by the end of Sunday because the spring semester for classes starts on Monday which means I’ll be back to almost no free time.  My advisor has already warned me that the finance class I’m signed up for will take a lot of my available time – yikes!

We had snow in Texas a few weeks ago!

This 3rd quilt is a BOM kit from Craftsy that I bought last year because I really like the designer’s style and this quilt intrigued me.  Somewhere in the process, Craftsy had not one but two cutting errors in their templates which caused a lot of angst for myself and other people making the quilt so I had set it aside, waiting for them to work out the issues.  It was a 6-month project so they’ve had since June and yet when I printed out the file which includes all the directions…it was still wrong unbeknownst to me.  I found out later they went back and updated just the individual monthly files which were in a different location.  I’m crossing my fingers I have enough fabric to finish this quilt.  I still need to make 4 more blocks plus cut out the remaining setting blocks and half square triangles for the corners.


I have some of the blocks at the top half sewn together then I started pinning others into place to get an idea of how it was going to look.  The star points are all on the bias, and 4 of the 8 blocks that form the circle around the center star are also on the bias.  I have never sewn so many Y-seams in one quilt in my life!  I have a mistake in one block on the wall which I’ve taken apart and will sew together correctly before it’s done.  In the meantime, the kitty found a box on the floor and has been keeping me company!

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  1. purpleslob says:

    Whoa!! I never even attempt 1 bias cut!! h\How awful they didn’t correct their mistakes!! I would have pulled out my remaining 1 inch of hair over that!!

  2. I have two semesters to go. Woohoo! I will take 4 classes this spring and then three this summer.

  3. kathyreeves says:

    So glad you had the chance to do some quilting during your break; school has really been a whirlwind for you this year! How many semesters after this one? At least you are enjoying school too!

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