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Whew!  The ink is drying on my last paper for the semester. The last couple of weeks have been pretty intense but I had a surprise this evening as I was submitting my assignment. The summer session doesn’t start for another 2 weeks!  I thought I only had a one week break.

I decided to take a break from that, and try an easier version of the machine embroidery.  First of all, I skipped right past any idea of applique because that’s a whole different ball game.  The good news is that during a visit to the store where I bought my machine, another customer suggested that an easy way to cut fabric with the Scan ‘n Cut is to iron it between 2 pieces of freezer paper, with the wax on each piece facing the fabric.  I’ll have to give that a try when I get back to the medallion quilt.

20180429_1303481064104534.jpgIn the meantime, I did a search on table runners since that’s typically a quick and easy project and found this one. It’s 6 different flowers which can be arranged in any fashion. I stitched out 3 copies of 5 of the patterns available, and 1 of the 6th pattern. These come in different sizes but this one is about 5″ or 7″ on point which is what I did.   This one came out to 42″ long and 14″ across, give or take. The pattern calls for including batting in each block, so I needed to add that to the half square triangles on each side. I still don’t understand why that’s preferable rather than just adding a middle layer of batting so if there are any experienced machine embroiderers out there, feel free to let me know. It was fun and I have more confidence in machine embroidery now!

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  1. JJ Crafts says:

    It’s very pretty!

    1. Texas Quilting says:

      Thank you!

  2. kathyreeves says:

    I love the embroidery, and just think, now you get two weeks to play instead of just one. COngrats on another semester completed! 😄

    1. Texas Quilting says:

      Thank you! This week is quickly slipping by. I have a long list of things to get done – starting with cleaning the house!

  3. purpleslob says:

    Beautiful!! How fun to get to play with all these new to you techniques!

  4. Hi, Love your table runner and the embroidery designs! The reason for batting while embroidery is to give the design more dimension and puffiness within the design. So you don’t have bulk at the seams, your batting needs to be a little smaller then your placement line for the design. Then you are only seaming the fabric with less bulk. Yes you can just embroider on fabric then sandwich as usual, but the finished look is a little different. It’s a matter of preference. I’ve done it both ways. If not using batting, I suggest putting iron on Pellon on base fabric or backing fabric with Floriani iron on No Show Mesh, then hooping all with stabilizer. That way you will not have any puckering. When using batting you should not have puckering. On close up, yours looks perfect. Great job. Hope this answers your question.

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