Bloom block x 8

I am slowly catching up this week. I finally got the sashing on the eighth block so I sewed it to 7 then sewed the second row to the top row. I should go ahead and cut and sew the top row of sashing that will attach at the very top, but I’m waiting to get as much mixture of the different fabrics as possible.

8 down, 12 to go! I like getting to this part of the quilt – with 40% of the blocks complete, the minor errors in the appliqué are starting to get lost in the overall quilt.

I had a friend ask me over the weekend if the Accuquilt wasted a lot of fabric. Here’s how much was left on the right after I used my 2.5″ die to cut the sashing. Normally for binding (or a Bargello, etc.) I would use the entire width of the die and cut multiple strips at once, but for this quilt since I’m using the same fabric for appliqué I am cutting them individually as I go along so I have the freedom to change it up as I go along.


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