Local Quilt Shop – SS 9

Sunday’s block for The Splendid Sampler is named Local Quilt Shop.  I haven’t looked at others but I’d be willing to bet a number of other people substituted the name of their own LQS in place where that was designed to be written.

There are 3 stores within 10-15 minutes of me, and several in the area that are close enough to drive to if I want to, so how to pick which one to list on my store was the question.

I finally went with the first one I went into. I’ve decided that going from a capital C to a little r in cursive isn’t the easiest thing to do. Practice, practice, practice!

I had an idea in my head for a mini quilt that would have made skyscrapers out of selvages and involved thread painting for the rest of the landscape. I might still do that at some point but decided to use selvages in this block for the meantime.  They’re from the Bargello I just finished last week.

The red door is on there in memory of my brother who passed away. He was very involved as a leader and mentor in his fraternity, both and the local and national levels. You can always spot the Sig Ep fraternity house on a college campus – it’s the one with the red door.

This block is from Jane Davidson


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  1. I can easily say that stitching the quilt shop name on there was the biggest challenge with this block. I used a Frixion pen and wrote it out, then decided I didn’t write well enough – I have pretty bad handwriting! I ironed it out, wrote it again. And a third time before I stitched it down.

  2. anudge says:

    Nice story behind your block. I finally just used a pen for my text as it was too small for my beginning embroidery skills to do so one could read it.

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