Block 14 – Flying High

Many thanks go out to Janet Clare for a timely block for Thursday’s Splendid Sampler, as I 2016-03-31 17.39.51will be flying out of state this morning for a long weekend. I didn’t want to stretch the fabric since it’s so tiny, so I glue basted the little birds on before I finished it.  The son and his friend were asking last night if I had any glue, sugar, and food coloring.  Interesting request for a combo…you never know what you’re gonna get with a boy.  They wanted to make goo, or slime, or whatever it’s called.  I told them of course I have glue – I’m a quilter! – and proceeded to pull out my gallon tub of Elmer’s.  They made their slime, although I had to send them outside several times.

2016-03-30 13.54.02I tend to live by the motto “if you’re on time, you’re late” which means I’ll sit in the terminal for a while before my flight leaves. Then I’ll have a couple of hours in the air so I made sure I had plenty of hand sewing projects in the queue.  I cut, sewed, and basted flowers for Monday’s bloom block.  I guessed at how far to place them from the sides but I bet they’re pretty close based on photos of the finished quilt.

And as you can see in the large picture, I also basted 24 honeycombs to piece together. This is a win-win situation the way I figure it; it’s unique enough to stand on its own that I could make a 1-block wonder, pillow, or any number of things if I don’t end up making a full quilt from these.

2016-03-30 14.01.57I also have been basting hexies together.  There’s no way I’m going to get through all of this in a weekend, but at least it gives me variety to decide what I want to work on.  The fabric in here is from 30’s Playtime fabric from Moda. I have a lot of it, but didn’t want to get ahead of myself in case I decide to do something else with the other fabrics in this collection.

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  1. cckae says:

    Hi, this is Cindy from Gray Barn Designs. I also paper piece on the plane when traveling. It’s a good conversation starter. How nice of you to think of giving a kit to a fellow traveler! BTW, this block is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Cindy! It sure made the flight go by faster!

  2. Good to have something useful to do on the plane. I sometimes feel like that when I have a long drive ahead of me, but it’s kind of hard to sew and drive at the same time.

    1. So true! I finished the Bloom block on the plane and finished 7 EPP pieces. I was surprised my scissors made it through security.

      1. That was my first thought – the scissors and the needle.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    I totally agree with the mantra “if you’re on time; you’re late”! I don’t have the gallon but do have several of the smaller containers!!!!! Love this post!!!!! Hugs………….

    1. I realized I could save a lot of money buying it in bulk, which sounded good to me! I hope you have a great weekend!

      1. treadlemusic says:

        You, also, my Friend!!!!!! with hugs…….

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