Block 15 – Family Affair

Back home in the evening

and what did I see?

A paper pieced block

Now easy for me!

That might be stretching the truth; I sewed almost every seam twice.  But it was so much easier because by unexpected good fortune, I had just practiced paper piecing last week.  2016-04-03 17.50.03I placed one that was a little short – the bottom left hand block.  I was hoping I could catch it within the quarter inch seam when it came time to sew together.

Ironically, I had more trouble matching seams in the center after I had finished the paper piecing than I usually have with regular patchwork. Part of that is because the seams are all pressed in the same direction so I wasn’t able to butt them up against each other.  I found it to be a challenge to match seams.  That aside, I had some much needed paper piecing experience and felt like I grew leaps and bounds by doing a “real” block instead of a practice block like last week.

2016-04-03 19.24.17I took a chance on the fabric choices and the colors here are a bit deceiving, probably because the photo wasn’t taken with natural lighting (the sun had already set).  One advantage of keeping all the blocks out is I can see the mixer of fabrics used; I decided to go with something other than the usual off-white in the larger triangles. I think the block blends well with the others now that it’s complete.

This block was designed by Janice Ryan as part of The Splendid Sampler.


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  1. See soon you will be teaching paper piecing classes 😉

    1. Haha! I’m afraid I would get fired soon after they learned the truth!

  2. Wow! That was quite a job!

    1. I had the mistaken idea (long ago) that paper piecing was easier because you sew on the lines. Turns out that was wrong! But I did enjoy it.

      1. I’m still learning about paper piecing. It looks easy when you watch someone else do it but I think it takes a few mistakes before you get it right, having to deal with which side is the right way to flip the shapes.

        1. I totally agree – I’m left-handed so I feel like my brain needs to flip everything twice to get it the way it needs to be done.

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