Block 18 – Lina’s Gift

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2016-04-14 13.12.28I started getting in the habit recently of recreating the patchwork blocks into EQ7 to decide if it’s easier to paper piece or not.  Plus it’s always good EQ7 practice for me, so not time wasted.  I bought Pat’s triangle book earlier during this sampler and she has a lot of great ideas in it as well as tutorials.  In the end, I decided this makes more sense to follow the directions that she laid out.

I missed one of the diagonals on the large block by a hair or two but otherwise this one came out pretty well.

2016-04-14 19.14.17

I also finished a first block of the hunter’s star quilt to make sure it looked the way I expected it to and so forth.  I’ll plan to cut the fabric for that over the weekend and then get work that into my sewing schedule with the bulk of it being done after I wrap up the Bloom block.  No hurry there since it’s only for a twin sized bed and I have almost 4 months to get it done.

That is one of my favorite blocks.  I’ve seen it done in navy/white and red/cream and it’s really striking with such contrasting colors.  I also saw one that alternated red/green/cream that I liked.  Some day!  I’m really glad I have the die for this one though.  I probably sound like a walking advertisement for Accuquilt but it really does reduce the cutting time a lot with very minimal waste if you do it right.  But most of all, it’s much more accurate cutting than when I use a rotary cutter.

Updated – oops!  I just realized I placed that middle square in that sideways!

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  1. Lisa E says:

    Ahhh! Now I found your block. Looks great! I LOVE the Hunter’s Star. Is is gold & black or navy?

    1. It’s navy but it’s a very dark navy. It makes for a good contrast against the white. Some day I also want to do a cream/crimson quilt out of this pattern.

  2. I’m really enjoying seeing all the different projects you’re doing.

    1. Thank you! I like working on a few at a time so that I have some variety. My mom used to read 3 or 4 books simultaneously (our daughter does that today as well). I never could understand how she kept the characters and plot lines straight, but I think I do the same thing with projects.

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