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Ever wondered what the inside of an Elmer’s glue stick looks like?  The wait is over – it looks like that 4-pronged purple glob.

2016-04-16 14.16.03I worked on some more hunters star pieces yesterday morning.  Pressing seams in the right direction is key to this block.  If it’s the mostly white block, it’s easy to remember to press toward the color.  On the ones that have color on both sides, I just have to remember to press to the side that has more color.  I.e., the big triangle.

2016-04-16 15.03.46I find it much easier to start from the big square side when matching up 2 squares and then sew toward the stars.  Otherwise I’m trying to make sure my thread doesn’t get gobbled up underneath in the extra seams.  I sewed 2 of these together to make a 12″ block in total, and then made 4 total blocks before we went on a mini road trip for the day.

2016-04-16 18.20.15

I bought a custom die for the Lucy Boston blocks.  Did I post this already?  It sure makes fast work of the pieces that aren’t a fussy cut.  I can also make my own cardboard templates – finally a good use of all those business cards that people stick in my front door!

The larger square is 1.5″ and the smaller one is 1″ which is also handy for the Splendid Sampler blocks on some of the ones that have the super tiny pieces.

2016-04-16 18.18.43



I’m undecided on the 8 outer pieces for the patchwork of the crosses block that I cut out today.  This block is hand sewn from the inside out, so I might change that before I finish this one. I’m wondering if a royal blue might be better.

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    You have more patience than me! That is for sure.

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