Bloom block 13

2016-04-18 11.53.32

Finally! For the first time in the 13 weeks that we’ve been working on the Bloom blocks, I finally remembered to cut the X in the Pellon before I sewed it to the fabric.  There were 5 pieces to cut the X into, so that means I cut 5 X’s before sewing them on to the fabric, right?

Well, um…no.  But I did remember twice.  The other 3 times I forgot and sewed it on as usual and then wrangled with the scissors to clip the X into it without cutting into the fabric.  You know – the harder way.  Oh well – progress!

I’ll get the sashing sewed on later today but otherwise, I’m officially on row 4.  I hand tacked all 3 layers of the flower together, which was a bit much for a needle to go through.  I haven’t looked at the remaining flowers but it would be worth the time to just sew the top little circle to the middle circle, and then sew the middle circle to the large circle if I have another one like this.







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  1. Chuckle. That’s the kind of thing I would do.

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