tiny stitches

2016-04-19 19.52.53 The first Lucy Boston block I made, I spaced the stitches out entirely too far apart.  They really were more basted than they were hand sewn.  I think I’ve slowly found the stitch length that I’m comfortable with.  I showed a couple of these to a friend over the weekend and she remarked that the stitches were so tiny, she couldn’t really see where I had sewn them.

I should get an updated prescription for my glasses; I can’t see to sew with them on, so when I’m working on these, the fabric is probably 3″ from my nose!

iron steamOn an unrelated note, I had refused for literally decades to give up the iron I was using.  It was one my husband bought back in the early 80’s and it worked fine as far as I was concerned.  It pressed and it ironed and that’s all I needed, right?  Oh sure, I couldn’t use the steam feature because it leaked and just left water marks but I got around that by using starch or a starch alternative.  I’ve never made starch from vodka, but always wanted to try it – just to say that I did!

But then…Hancock Fabrics announced they were going out of business and as it turns out there’s one just minutes from our house.  I’ve been in there for notions here and there throughout the years.  I figured all the good stuff would be gone quickly so I was in there when everything was 30% off or so as I recall.

rowenta iron I really thought I was going in to see if this store carried any Accuquilt dies – they didn’t.  I picked up a pair of embroidery scissors and was just about to pay when I spied in their front counter all their irons.  And they were locked up, which told me they probably weren’t cheap.  There, sitting all by itself was a beautiful blue Rowenta iron.  A 9000 series of some sort.  I didn’t even know I needed a new iron until I saw that!  Oh sure, I can admit now that secretly I was envious of newer irons that I’d seen at friends’ homes who also sew or quilt.  And it was on sale!  So I bought it a 2-3 months ago.

Wow is that iron ever hot, hot, hot!  They aren’t kidding about the steam that comes out of there.  It holds a fair amount of water but if you’re doing a lot of pressing seams in one direction after chain stitching the wings on 20 sets of Hunters Star blocks, you’re gonna need extra water on hand.  I’ll say this much – I haven’t used starch once since I bought that iron.

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  1. Thread crazy says:

    Hmm, I’m like you, still using an older iron. Our check our Hancock’ out and see if I can be so lucky…probably not!

    1. Ours only had 1 in stock; they had one from the 8000 series also though but that was I think either January or February. I am still using my 30 year old ironing board though – haha!

  2. Amanda G says:

    Gelous! And congrats on spoiling yourself!

    1. Thanks! I really like it!

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