Lucy Boston block # 4

This is just laid out, not sewn.  I’m thinking the yellow is too yellow and not creamy enough.  Or, maybe I need to make those 8 outer pieces all yellow instead.  The cross doesn’t seem to pop out on this one yet.

My other thought was to pick up the light blue instead of the green in the main pieces.

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  1. Thread crazy says:

    I see what I mean; possibly change out the yellow for a color that flows evenly with green and the background, or try changing the green to a color that’s closer in value with the yellow. I agree, the cross should just pop out.

    1. I think I’ve officially decided both the green and the yellow are off. I’m looking at another option currently.

      1. Thread crazy says:

        You might try a lighter optio. In both places, which should me the cross

  2. Just an opinion, but I feel like it’s the green that is stopping the “pop” of the cross.

    1. I think you’re right. I have another version laid out that I’m still pondering.

      1. Sometimes you don’t know until you see it. You’re smart to try it out without the sewing first.

        1. I do that pretty regularly. If I’m trying out fabric, I’ll make a block, then takes pictures both in color and black/white to see the contrast also.

          1. Sure shows up the light and dark arrangements.

    2. I agree, I think it is the green. I like the other fabrics.

      1. I liked the cream colour too.

        1. I’ll save those green ones for another time. I was trying to pull blue/green/yellow from the color wheel but these don’t have similar values in each of the 3 that I picked, which is what threw it off.

          1. It’s a nice shade of green and I’m sure it will look good somewhere else.

            1. The good news is I have a basket where I keep all of my POTC fabric specifically as well as templates, etc. so it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

              1. Good idea.

      2. I may be spending more time on this than I planned; I knocked the timing out on my machine late this afternoon. Ack!

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