Version 2

This is my second option for the patchwork of the crosses block.   It turns out that this one has been a lot more of a challenge than I expected.  I might still change it from here, but this is a definite improvement over my first take.

In other quilting news, disaster struck yesterday afternoon, just as the sewing machine store near me was closing its doors.  I was sewing together several Hunters Star blocks when suddenly my needle jammed.  I got it unstuck, took the needle plate off and cleaned everything since I was getting an error message that said to clean the area of any lint that might be stuck.  But the sewing machine will definitely have to go into the shop. I unscrewed just about every part of it, cleaned it thoroughly and put it back together to no avail; I continued to get the same error message.

I worked on it for an hour unti I had to quit because we had plans for the evening. I guess this means I’ll either have to dust off my much older machine and take my regular one into the shop, or I could always use a ruler and use my Sweet Sixteen as a sewing machine for a few days as long as tomorrow’s block isn’t full of tiny patchwork squares.



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  1. Thread crazy says:

    I vote yes on this new cross block as the cross now seems to be floating off the neutral background. You may try laying the light yellow blocks out as suggested, but this version is definitely a hit. Sorry about your machine but “hubbys” who can fix things are better known as miracle workers! Go for it…

    1. It turns out the “not quite cream/tan” fabric really changes, depending on what is laid next to it which is why I decided to leave well enough alone. I haven’t decided what color the sashing will be; I think I’ll decide after I get a dozen or so blocks finished.

  2. This looks great and I hope your machine disaster resolves soon!

  3. norma says:

    This looks good – very Lucy Boston! Hope your machine is fixed soon.

    1. I remembered the hard way that the reason I bought a new machine a number of years back was because my then-current machine needed repairing. So I don’t have my backup, but I may still give that idea of sewing on my quilting machine a try – I’ll just need to adjust the tension and so forth I think.

  4. lynsey333 says:

    They’re both nice! I like the neutral but also the yellow in the first one, maybe less so the green. Just out of interest, how would it look with the four patches around the centre of the cross the pale yellow and the outermost ones the neutral? Sorry about your machine, hope they can fix it.

    1. I’ll have to lay that out and take a look – that sounds like a possibility also! The husband of someone in our guild apparently also repairs sewing machines; I may check with him tomorrow to see about his availability since he comes highly recommended.

  5. I like the more neutral fabric abound the cross. The blue and white fabric is just beautiful! Sorry to hear about your machine! Glad you have some other machines to use until you get your favorite fixed!

    1. I’m so glad I have a backup too! I haven’t used it in years so I hope I left it in good running order.

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