Block 23 – Hand In Hand

Well…everything was going according to plan yesterday.  It was no time at all when I had the 4 corners paper pieced.  The 4 brown “pointy things” took a little longer but at the time, they were okay.  As is usually the case when something goes awry, I got distracted.  I should’ve just set this aside, but instead I didn’t and the next thing I knew – if it isn’t obvious from the picture – I cut the “pointy things” too short on the sides which is why the center square was no longer square and I didn’t get it lined up correctly as a result.

Argh.  I set it aside for the evening and took a break.

Back at it at lunch today, but I spent the first 10 minutes trying to find the pieces from yesterday.  My sewing area isn’t that messy!  I was starting to think I had accidentally tossed them when I cleaned up my scraps when it hit me.  I had pinned it to the board…you know…so I wouldn’t misplace it.  Whew!  Back to my happy place.

I finished it up and that top left-hand corner is a little long but other than that, it came out okay.  Still not perfect, but closer than it was yesterday!

I had time to spare so I got the Bloom block pieces cut, sewed, and basted into place.  I still need to hand sew it into place and add sashing.  2016-05-02 12.12.32

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  1. Some days are like that.

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Progress (especially on a Monday) is definitely a “good thing”!!!!!

    1. I also did a load of laundry today – yay me! Haha! That doesn’t always happen when it should!

      1. treadlemusic says:

        So did I……but most of it was vintage pieces all prepped now for fmq!!!!! Yay me!!! LOL!!!!

        1. So you’re one of those pre-washers. I could definitely see doing that for vintage fabric, etc. I figure if I’ve made it through a deep purple and white quilt and nothing happened, then I was good to go. I’ll get caught one of these days!

          1. treadlemusic says:

            Nope…….Not a “pre-washer” but these vintage pieces needed brightening—-soaking in an Oxy Clean solution—-and some sunlight. I never pre-wash any of my piecing/quilt fabric…..I love max shrinkage for max texture (I try to add inches to the original so I still have a size that works after washing).

            1. I love that crinkly look too!

  3. The Bloom block is really cute!

    1. Thank you! At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about appliqueing that many blocks but now that we’re in the home stretch – one more row to go after this week – I can say that stitching one block a week is very manageable.

  4. slfinnell says:

    I really like that butternut color you are using throughout. Looking good!

    1. Thank you! I originally bought the fabric for the 365 challenge but quickly decided – before I started – that I had too much on my plate to start that project.

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