Bloom block 16

Wow! I can’t even believe I wrote that – sixteen Bloom blocks finished!  We are 80% done with the applique portion of this quilt, and then it will be time to finish sewing the outer sashing around all 4 sides, then a border and then…baste and quilt.  And bind.  And then cut threads – but who wants to think about that part right now? Not me.

The last block will be sewn the week of May 30th so it will realistically be the end of June or so before the quilt is ready to be put on a bed.  Oops; I just realized I still had my scissors on the block when I took the photo of the individual block.  Too late – it’s all sewn together now.

I’m all caught up on my patchwork of the crosses blocks, as much as I have cut out so far.  There’s no timeline or pattern on those but I do need to spend some time going through the fat eighths and quarters that I have set aside for those if I want to make any progress.

Next up on my to do list is to piece the May block for Leah Day’s sew-along.  This backup machine keeps jumping to the left at random times so I am definitely quilting on it until I get at least one machine back.

I have never appreciated my automatic needle threader like I should have all these years.  I didn’t use it when I first got the machine but eventually I realized its value and I am really missing it lately.  The thread just seems to magically jump out of the needle when I’m not looking!

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  1. reocochran says:

    I really like your bloom blocks! Such a beautiful “bouquet” of colors and flowers, friend! ~~ ***~~ Robin

    1. Thank you! I will need to set it aside here in a couple of days so that I can wrap up another quilt that I promised to have done by the end of June. It might be next year when I get it done if I keep setting it aside.

  2. sparkilyblog says:

    I love this! The flowers are so charming and the fabric choices are perfect

    1. Thank you so much!

  3. As my eyes get worse I’m so thankful for that automatic threader. Whoever invented that deserves a medal.

    1. I second that!

  4. Woo hoo! Way to go! It is looking great:)

    1. Thank you! I should work some more on that scrappy outer sashing so that I can get to a finished quilt sooner!

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