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kona solids When I first started on the orange and navy blue (I know it looks black but it really is navy blue) hunters star quilt, I didn’t actually know what pattern I was going to make. So I bought 4 yards of the colors I had chosen and figured I’d see how close I came on guessing correctly.  This is for an x-long twin sized bed so I think 6 blocks across by 8 down should do it.  I got to 2 blocks shy of 6 blocks down when I ran out of white fabric.  I had ordered the fabric from Craftsy because they were the cheapest but when I went back to order more and that’s when I realized I didn’t have a SKU – just a description.

I did at least find the “bright white” fabric again, but if I need more orange or blue for the back of the quilt this could get really interesting!

This pattern is super easy using the Accuquilt die; the corners are all notched which makes it so simple to figure out what to sew where. I sew all the wings on first, press toward the darker color and then sew the triangle on. Since the triangle has a straight line, I had been sewing it with the triangle on top, like in the picture on the left/top shown here.  But sometimes, even with pressing, the seam flips the wrong way and locked seams are what really makes the precise points in this quilt so that’s a problem if the seams don’t lay flat.

2016-05-28 10.35.57I finally had an “aha!” moment.  Put the triangle on the bottom and then I can see the seams.  So simple!

I had 5 and a half rows sewed on here when I took this picture but you get the general idea where this is headed.  And the daughter told me an idea she has for the back which is perfect so now I know it will be just what she wants!

2016-05-28 10.39.59



I now have 12 Lucy Boston blocks finished and I’m sewing on my 13th one now.  I’ve looked at several online and it seems like 7 by 8 blocks is pretty common so I have a way to go.  Oh and I did order the sashing fabric this week so I may work on that for a while and come back to the blocks so that I can start to see this take shape.  I’m trying to get a variety of the type of blocks that the colors form so that they aren’t all the same.

And in the meantime….I’m back to finally quilting the stained glass quilt again!  I need a fan in there – summer’s coming and that room gets warm!

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  1. Amanda G says:

    Is that 4 projects on your design wall? Do you just quilt 24/7? Damn girl! You accomplish so much!

  2. This Hunter’s star quilt looks amazing! I didn’t know this pattern until I saw it in your blog… Love the colour scheme you are using.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    I so love Hunter’s Star and this one is stunning!!! The Lucy Boston is coming along nicely.

  4. Lisa E says:

    Oh wow! I just love that Hunter’s Star pattern. I need to put that in my bucket list; really striking!

    Show me, show me your sashing fabrics for POTC!!

    And I feel your pain on the warm room; my sewing room is extra warm in summer and extra cold in winter.

    1. I’ve ordered the fabric but it’s not in yet. I can tell you it’s eggshell white and charcoal grey – or something like that – from Kona. Then I’ll use existing material for the 4 squares in the middle.
      Oh, and you are welcome to use my Accuquilt anytime, especially if you decide you want to cut one of these out! Deb Tucker has a book specifically on variations hunters star called “Hidden Treasures” that I’d like to get sometime.

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