The quilt was finished in a week – including hand binding.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s hard even to write this blog post because it’s just so personal.  There’s a real person behind this.  He has an extremely fast growing and fast moving cancerous brain tumor…glioblastoma multiforme.  I can’t even pronounce that.


We emailed his wife; could we stop by Sunday afternoon to spend some time with them?  I’ve known them for 27 years; the others have known them even longer.  I see them on a regular basis.  In some ways, this was spending time with them just like any other time but it was different.  He’s had his head mapped and if the schedule remains as planned, he’ll start the process to shrink the tumor this week.  If you’ve been through cancer with a family member or someone close, you know the first rule of schedules is that the schedule changes all the time, depending on how your body responds.

And so, this afternoon, the quilt makers met at a parking lot within walking distance, snapped a few photos, wrapped the quilt and then made the short walk to their house.  One of our friends explained the idea is that we want him to not just figuratively but also literally covered in prayer.  When the room is cold, he’ll be covered.  When his wife is by his side and just needs a nap because it’s been a long day, she’ll be covered.

I’m so blessed to call him and his wife friends.  I’m so blessed to call my fellow quilt makers friends.


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  1. The soft colors of the quilt are beautiful and the fact that you were able to get it done in a week, well that is amazing. Here’s hoping this special friend is coping well with his treatment plan and will be with you for many more years. 🙂

  2. I love this idea. My uncle had lung cancer that spread to his brain. Through God’s grace more than a year later, we are still enjoying his company.


    1. What a year is been for your family! That is such a blessing that he has made it through. I hope he continues to spend many years with you!

  3. This quilt is so beautiful, especially because of the love that went into making it. Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us. God does answer prayers.

    1. Thank you so much!

  4. geeknots says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It is a beautiful quilt with a beautiful story. My sister is going though treatment for breast cancer. My prayers are with you and your friends!

    1. My prayers are with you also! It’s hard to see someone we love struggle with cancer.

  5. God bless……

    1. Thank you!

  6. treadlemusic says:

    This post brought so many memories back. 2 yrs ago a dear biker girlfriend was presented with the same diagnosis. I made a quilt for her (biker/comfort themed) and DH and I spent an afternoon with her and her DH. The treatment is grueling and successfully took care of the cancer but left her quite “damaged” from the aggressive approach. Yesterday DH attended her memorial service. She is at peace with her Lord and we remain to spend some days yet on this globe til we once again see her. We have a great all-powerful heavenly Father Who loves us more than we know! Praying for His peace, comfort, strength and wisdom for all who are affected by these situations…….and I think that’s all of us!!!! Hugs……….

  7. Cuckooblue says:

    Your post made me shed a tear. A beautiful thought and gift. Sending thoughts and good wishes to your friends, such a very very difficult time for them both. Hope the radiotherapy helps give him some quality of life. Best wishes, Poppy

  8. KerryCan says:

    Wow–this post gave me goosebumps. What a beautiful thing to do with your friends, for your friends. I hope the cancer responds to treatment . . .

  9. Debbie says:

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and all your friends…it’s a beautiful quilt and I’m sure your friend and his Wife will find hope and comfort there…
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. I really associate it.

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