pieced – temporarily

20160815_180148_001.jpgSomewhere in here is an oops.  I have a work call this evening though so it won’t be fixed tonight!  I had all the individual blocks laid out and starting from the top left, I sewed block 1 to block 2.  And then 3 to 4.  And so on until I reached the end of the first column.

Then I repeated that for the second column through the sixth column.  So far so good.

Next I sewed column 1 to column 2 and 3 to4 and 5 to 6…or so I thought.  What I should’ve done was to put a safety pin at the top.  What started out like the first picture didn’t end up quite this way when I had all six columns sewn together.

20160815_190203.jpgNow I need to decide if I like the original layout or if I like the “oops” layout better.  I am definitely going to work on 2 Splendid Sampler blocks before basting this so I’ll have time to think about it.

I was trying not to bunch up too much red or green left to right, and by accidentally switching 3/4 with 5/6 I now have 2 green triangles near each other close to the bottom.  Or…is that being to planned out?

I’m going to pick out the backing fabric tomorrow. That will eithe be red or green I’m sure!


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  1. kerbey says:

    Looks like little Christmas trees.

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    1. That’s what I thought too when I saw the original pattern which is actually what inspired me to use Christmas fabric for it!

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  2. norma says:

    Love it! I vote for leaving it as it is too.

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    1. Thank you! In the end, I decided I needed to fix it. I’m halfway through – thankfully today isn’t December 23rd!


  3. I like the oops too…and I didn’t even notice the ‘two greens at the bottom’ until you pointed it out. I think it’s a keeper!!

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    1. A friend told me I also have 2 pinks together…so I pulled out a couple of blocks to switch them out in the end!

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  4. Personally, I’d leave it! No one else will ever have one just like it! And if you ever do another, it won’t be exactly the same either!

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    1. Thank you! That is so sweet!

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