Block 9 – machine quilting party

20160903_082611.jpgHmmm….hmmmm….. Do you have a particular phrase you say when you’re trying to not say something because what you’re thinking of a situation may or may not come to pass?  I say hmmm…..  I said hmmmm….  yesterday when I was working on this block but I’m going to hold off on the thoughts behind that for now and just hope that what I’m concerned with does not come to pass regarding this quilt.

Back to the block.  You may have a hard time believing this – I do too – but I did actually “measure twice, cut once” when I was laying out those green and white half square triangle blocks.  I wanted to make sure I had them on there correctly and when I was getting ready to sew them on, I actually checked twice on the layout.

20160903_091058.jpgWe had plans yesterday to head out of town at 10am so I got started sewing at 6am so that I could get something done for the day before we left.  The good news here is that my tension was off a bit on those squares and as a result, it was a lot easier to unpick those stitches than I imagined.  I actually was frustrated enough after I saw that – after I had sewn not one but two of them incorrectly – that I took a breakfast break to clear my head for a bit.  I was excited when I got back to it when I realized I had assumed trying to get those stitches out – because the length was still set at 1.5 from paper piecing the orange and white squares – would be more difficult than it was.  All’s well that ends well.  Now I need to baste and quilt it.

20160903_100417.jpgI had a few more minutes and wanted a quick win so I made another pillowcase. I don’t know if you can see it in this photo, but there are little cat heads on the cuff of this pillowcase. I’ll make another like this, and then I cut the fabric so that I can reverse this for two more – meaning the cats will be the main part of the pillowcase and the darker fabric will be the cuff.

The quilt that is on the bed in this picture is over 100 years old and was made by my great-grandmother.  She was born in 1865, around the time of the Civil War and later saw the turn of the century, two world wars, the Great Depression and so many other things.  I have several of hers although I only regularly keep two on beds in the house.


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  1. I would definitely left the mistakes- never another quilt exactly like it!!
    I make mistakes when I’m tired too. ARGH!!
    How wonderful to have so many of your great- grandmother’s quilts!!

    1. I also have some my grandmother made, including a double wedding ring that she made for me when I married. It’s so nice to have them!

      1. Oh, how wonderful!! My Granny made me one as a teen. Then over the years, and many many moves, it disappeared. I really mourn that quilt!!

  2. judybushey43 says:

    Love the quilt block and pillowcase. How wonderful to have those old quilts.

    1. Thank you! It’s such a treasure to have them after so many years.

  3. Lisa E says:

    You should lay off the alcohol for breakfast! Ha, ha! Your “finished” block looks great! Pillow case is very cute too! Just got done shopping at Creations Quilt Shop in Kerrville, Texas – REALLY NICE shop!!!

    1. Haha! No mimosas were involved in that! Sounds like I need to hit up that shop sometime soon! I hope you had a great weekend!

  4. The green squares that may have created pirate talk, if you were to make a quilt with blocks like the first, the play on angles would give it a very modern flair. Add a gob of uniqueness! I like that block both ways!

    1. You and I are on the same wavelength – I have to say I came within an inch of leaving it like that way but changed it at the last minute so it looks the way she intended. Only because there’s a specific quilting pattern that follows the lines of the shapes that she has designed and the quilting pattern wouldn’t have worked.

  5. Loved this post! You are an inspiration! The very old quilt on the bed and the quick new pillowcase had me saying Wow! as I read.

    1. Wow – thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I appreciate it.

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