Block 59 – Circle of Friendship

img_20160904_223902.jpgI had 2 goals this weekend.  Either complete both “past due” blocks for the Splendid Sampler that I haven’t done yet, or finish one and the one for Sunday.  Second, finish the machine quilting block – as in, quilt it.  The final weekend score…. 0 out of 2.  Oops.

I did however at least complete Sunday’s block, # 59.  I didn’t get farther ahead, but I didn’t fall farther behind.  Each of the Dresden templates could be cut out of a 2.5″ square and when I was picking through my box where I keep the fabric for this, I could where I had made a half square triangle at some point and not used it.  So I threw it in here! I’m not sure why she set it up this way, but the top 5 horizontal strips were each 1.5″ and the last one was 2″.  that means when it’s sewed to sashing, the top strip will be narrower than the 4 below it and the bottom one will be wider.  That’s a long way of saying it’s supposed to look like that!  Haha!

20160905_192806_001.jpgRegarding the machine quilting block, I’ve been making a concerted effort to try to visualize the pattern she has set for but not to copy it line for line.  Angela Walters has a Craftsy class that does a great job of explaining “dot to dot quilting” and that’s the way I think about quilting – getting from here to there.

It’s not easy to see the blue center block here, but I did get that quilted and the 4 orange pieces.  Other than the outside edges which are the same as the other blocks, that leaves me about half done.  Oh and I did trim the previous 8 blocks and stitched close to the edge on each of them. I will probably end up using green, blue, orange, or a combination of those for the small strips that will connect the blocks.  She has explained how to connect the “quilt as you go blocks” which I haven’t done before but I haven’t tried it yet.

img_20160905_133202.jpgI had an idea how today was going to go.  I was going to take a break from the quilting and knock out one of those appliqued SS blocks.  I had just printed out the patterns and the phone rang.  It was my sister and she had been out of town for a number of days so we had some catching up to do.

I definitely can’t talk and draw templates and trace and cut out shapes and hold a phone at the same time.  But I could cut out one or two pillowcases.  We kept on talking so I cut out some more. We kept on talking – I cut out 10 more pillowcases until I ran out of pillowcases to cut!  But we were still talking.  I told her I was going to start sewing while we kept talking (she knew I had cut these out).

20160905_151213.jpgBy now I had not only cut out the cuff, binding, and main piece of 10 pillowcases but I had pinned each of them together so I started chain stitching the cuffs on. I even got all of the cuffs pressed into place, which is an important part of the process.

I have doubles of 4 of these so you can’t really make out 10 of them.  I was on the verge of sewing the side seam when my husband finally said something to the effect of “your ear is about to fall off” so I stopped before I start sewing the side seams.  But seriously – there’re 5-10 minutes left on each of these and then I’ll have a dozen completed for Christmas presents.

I got stuff done this weekend in the way of sewing.  Not what I had planned exactly but overall, I still made a lot of progress.

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  1. Your machine is that quiet you can sew while on the phone? Maybe I can’t cuz mine is old and needs servicing! Great job on those pillow cases! Go you!

    1. She did know I was sewing so I didn’t have to be super quiet, but yes my machine is actually pretty quiet on its own! The one I had before this wasn’t. I remember when this one was in the shop earlier this year and I reverted to my old one. Whew! I’d forgotten just how noisy it really was!

      1. Wow, how nice! Lol, brought back memories of the “old” days, huh?

        1. Haha! Yes, but sadly I’d just as soon forget that old machine! Actually, I shouldn’t say that – it was a real blessing to have a backup.

          1. That’s right, count the blessings!

  2. I’ve never made a pillowcase but I’m definitely going to try it.

    1. They are really so easy. 3 seams (5 if you make French seams, which are a piece of cake). This video – – isn’t where I learned from, but the “sausage” method is what I do. I cut a 10″ cuff where she cuts a 12″. For a twin size pillow, I cut the main piece 26″ long. For a queen, I cut it 30″, and 34″ for a king size pillow. It’s a quick way to dress up a bed! At 2:48, I actually start by pinning at the top (I don’t flip).

  3. I enjoy making pillow cases. I’ve made them in the past for family, and children’s charities. However, I haven’t made any in quite some time. I need to get back into that and make some for my grandchildren! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I told my sister I was making several of them; she thought her grandchildren would be interested in them so my gift list might be getting longer!

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