Professional grade snipper

20160910_201642_001.jpgI wanted to catch up on Splendid Sampler blocks since we were coming up on block # 60.  And then I saw that particular one was embroidery.  I knew it was a losing battle to get that done before Sunday’s block came out.  I’m making headway on it but it will be another day or two before I’m done.  I don’t know about anyone else but I like to do hand sewing in the evening and spend the available time I have during daylight to be at the machine.  The lighting isn’t as good in the sewing room and yes, I could probably put a lamp in there but I haven’t.  I printed this out on Sulky’s fabri-solv which really helps.

20160910_182950_001.jpgI have been spending the rest of my sewing time on the purple star quilt.  I hope to be done with the 3rd of 5 rows by early next week.  It just depends on how much time I spend on tomorrow’s Splendid Sampler block, which I saw has been released.  It’s traditional piecing so that should go pretty quickly.

I also bought these snippers to clip threads.  They scare me!  They are seriously sharp!  Sadly they are made for right-handed people but since I won’t be cutting fabric with them it should be all right.

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  1. You’re so good about doing the embroidery blocks! I just can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for it :-/

    1. It’s definitely the ones I’m least enthused about. I think I enjoy something like that when there isn’t another block coming out 3-4 days later!

  2. Terri says:

    I have the same “snippers” and love them! Bought them when I worked downtown LA in the garment district/industry. You will not be sorry since they are wonderful!

    1. Wow! That’s a great recommedation! I used them this afternoon and really like them.

  3. Have a few band-aids handy just in case.

    1. That’s a really good idea! Something tells me I’ll need one…or two or more!

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