Block #55 – Dedication Rose

20160907_124525.jpgYay!  I’m caught up until tomorrow when the next block comes out!  Cutting this one out was easy – I don’t know why I kept putting it off.  Actually yes I do; at the time I just needed an “applique break”. Is there such a thing? If not, there is now.  Those are some teeny tiny stitches holding all those teeny tiny pieces down though.  I think those small circles are about 3/8″. I had a hard time even getting the Heat ‘n Bond to stick to such a small area.

I decided to stitch the flowers in a contrasting color because the center one didn’t seem like it had enough contrast otherwise. I wanted to make it pop a bit.

I also sewed a bit on the pillowcases and at least cut out the next 4 pages on the purple star quilt.  Nothing picture worthy on that though!

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  1. How many blocks does this quilt have. I just started following your blog and can you catch me up on what your working on. Is it the farmers wife? or dear jane?

    1. This one is for the Splendid Sampler, which is hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. In total there will be 100 blocks. They release 2 blocks per week from designers they know worldwide. One typically comes out on Sunday and the other on Thursday but occasionally they’ll post one early (9/11’s is posted tonight for instance). They are 6″ blocks like farmers wife so there are tiny pieces in it like that quilt. That one is also on my list for “some day”!

  2. Caught up? Great job!! I seem to get further and further behind….

    1. It’s really hard, 60 blocks in to stay on top of it! Today’s is an embroidery block. I had plans this evening so I didn’t even get it printed, much less started on.

      1. Well, you have me beat! Just enjoy the journey, right?

        1. Absolutely!

  3. What a lot of work you’re getting done!

    1. That didn’t come to pass today! But overall I’m making good progress toward several Christmas presents.

      1. Good for you! That must make you feel good. I need to get in gear!

        1. It’s finally starting to cool down just a little here, which is helping too.

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