Block #60 – Hearts and Flowers

20160917_093234.jpgI actually – finally – finished this 2 days ago but wasn’t online long enough to write about it. I started to put French knots in the center of the small flowers but decided I liked the satin stitch better for that small area so I switched for the remainder.

I counted the number of blocks that have embroidery in them and in 60 blocks there were 6 that had either a little or a lot.  Does that mean there are 3 more embroidery blocks left? I haven’t counted the appliqued, paper pieced, and regular patchwork blocks.

On an unrelated note, on Fons & Porter this morning they were making a string quilt. Normally that would be paper pieced but the guest uses a permanent stabilizer that stays in.  I’ve used the Sulky stabilizer that washes out but this got me intrigued – do they sell a permanent stabilizer in 8.5″ x 11″ where other paper pieced patterns could be run through the printer and leave the stabilizer in?  I haven’t found it if so, but that would be great to not tear off all the paper!

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  1. So gorgeous!! It reminds me of a vintage hanky.


    1. Thank you! That’s a great image – I totally agree!

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      1. 😀 It reminds me of some my Granny had.


        1. My great-grandmother had a lot of them too. Ironically, I don’t remember my grandmothers having a lot of them but both of most likely did.

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          1. Probably. Isn’t that funny how we remember different things about different people!

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            1. That is so true! My oldest brother passed away over a decade ago from an undiagnosed heart condition and was in hospice the last week of his life which meant no tubes, etc. attached. But in my grown daughter’s memory, he had an IV drip, oxygen and who knows what all attached – but none of that ever happened. I don’t know where she even picked that memory up! I think she must have attached a memory of someone else to her uncle.

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  2. Amanda G says:

    Beautiful! Totally worth it!

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    1. Thank you! The embroidered blocks are slow going, but they are definitely set apart from the rest of the blocks which is why I like them in the grand scheme of things.

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