En Provence semaine deux

img_20161202_172640.jpgI had a vacation day scheduled for yesterday so I got a few things done around the house but mostly got some sewing done. The second clue for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt was released; it’s one set of blocks per week and most years she has about 6-8 weeks.  This week called for 100 3″ finished “triangle in a square” blocks.  I made these in spades for the Christmas tree quilt.  The key to these is to have a tiny triangle hang out at each end when you’re putting them together.  I still had to take the first one apart this time but then it all came back to me.

bh-mqSince it’s a mystery the layout won’t be revealed until the end but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a few guesses.  These are typically used to make stars so if that’s the case, that would be 25 stars.  5 rows of 5 maybe?  There are 221 blocks of the 4-patches and the only number that goes into that evenly is 13.  In fact it’s 13 x 17 which on the surface sounds like an odd amount….unless you’ve ever made a quilt on point and then it makes perfect sense. my picture doesn’t have enough blocks, but on point would have an even number of blocks in one row followed by an odd number the next time – i.e., 6 and 7 (13) or 8 and 9 (17).  This quilt also has mustard, dark purple, lavender and earthy green so this is obviously isn’t it but it might be the way these triangle in a square blocks lay out.

You can find links to other people working on this project at http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2016/12/mystery-monday-link-up-part-2.html

img_20161203_083002.jpgI made more headway on the EPP block that I haven’t finished yet for the Splendid Sampler. This one is a challenge because I don’t have templates for most of these other than the 2″ finished half square triangles.  This block is guaranteed to end up looking wonky!

We headed out of town to a college football game so I took it with me and got quite a bit done but it’s not finished yet. I still need to sew in the corner pieces.  I’ve heard several people mention that they paper pieced this but I’m not able to picture that in its entirety.  Maybe they are paper piecing the outer portions together and then hand stitching to the middle octagon? I’m not sure.

20161202_131246.jpgI bought a new spool of thread when I started the Libs Elliott quilt 7 weeks ago; I remember it because I had such a hard time trying to decide what color the thread should be since half was cream fabric and the other half were navy, dark grey, etc.  I started that quilt out with the new spool of Aurifil thread and used it for Splendid Sampler blocks, Amy Ellis blocks, and about 300 blocks of the Bonnie Hunter quilt in those 7 weeks before I ran out yesterday.

Almost 2 months of sewing from one spool of thread sounds like a lot of thread!

img_20161201_184021.jpgI forgot to ever post a finished version of my bird from the other day.  Now that I’m looking at it, I can see I missed a tiny triangle of neutral that I missed when I sewed it together. I need to get that fixed; it came out fine other than that.  I was so glad that I paper pieced it; I think I finished it in about an hour or so but most importantly I know it looks a lot better, even with that one wonky corner, than it would have if I ha attempted to sew it accurately through patchwork.

My Libs quilt still hasn’t reached its final destination.  It was originally supposed to be delivered Friday. Then today.  My nephew will be getting it on Monday as it turns out.

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  1. Thanks. As you said, these are pretty much standard fare and I have done them. I want to do this, but it seems overwhelming. I have some time to think about it. Thanks for the offer.

    1. One thing that I’ve found helps is doing a sew-along with a large group is there are so many people to offer up ideas and suggestions if you get stuck. I always learn something along the way!

      1. I need to look around for a group.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    Very nice bird! I haven’t decided what to do with that one yet. I have some time, and your paper piecing one looks pretty full proof. Love your guess on the mystery quilt.

    1. If you want a PDF of the paper piecing for it, just let me know and I’ll email it to you. I don’t think that’s against the rules is it? I fixed the corner on it tonight so he’s happy now.

      1. kathyreeves says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s up on the website, but if it isn’t I’ll let you know. Thanks!

        1. Oh my gosh – you’re right. I did not see that before I laid it out in EQ7!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Primitive Gatherings is doing a SAL, also. The kits are either red/white or (the country version) fabrics like yours. Gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. Yes I *love* those blocks! I’ve been saving them down as she posts them and I am definitely going to end up making that although I’m leaning toward 12″ blocks instead of 6. Are you making that one? It’s beautiful!

      1. treadlemusic says:

        We will definitely have to be in touch on this one! YES…..I’m, also, copying the patterns but putting them in a folder. I also got the fabric from them (“City” version) cuz it was such a great deal. Have subbed out the white for a gorgeous paisley(!) and am going to have to refigure for a 12″ block also!!! Wish I had EQ!!!!!! May have to check with friends in Harlingen (when we get down there in just very few weeks!!) and see if she/one of them can do the calculations easier than pencil/paper!!!!!!

        1. Oh wow, I would love to see the paisley fabric – I bet that is gorgeous! EQ just came out with “EQ Mini” that’s a little softer on the checkbook apparently.

  4. I still consider myself to be a beginner at quilting. I looked up the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt and I am wondering if this is too difficult for someone like me. I also looked into a 365 day challenge. http://www.365challenge.com.au/
    I want to do something to challenge myself and improve.
    Do you have any suggestions or pointers?

    1. Ironically I thought last year I would do that one but wasn’t sure I could realistically keep up with a block every day. I think both of them are great skill builders. If you do decide to do Bonnie Hunter’s, let me know – I have an unopened Tri Rec ruler that I could mail you to do the triangle in a square blocks. I think the rest of the quilt is either squares, half square triangles, flying geese, etc. which are all standard fare for patchwork quilts.

  5. These reds and creams are beautiful! Can’t wait to see if your guess is right! The bird is awesome…and it’s a bluebird!

    1. Thank you! I went back this evening and fixed that little corner on the bird; it was bothering me (and sometimes I just leave mistakes alone – haha!)

  6. Nice blocks! You may be on to something about that pattern.

    1. I started thinking last night after I wrote that….she said it finishes at 87″. 3″ goes into 87 an even 29 times so I could be wrong about that. It might end up being 29 x 29 blocks. If so, we’ve already made a good start on it!

      1. I figure we will also be making lots of flying geese blocks because of the ruler called out and the hints of being able to use accuquilt dies.

        1. I bet you’re right! And if I were to take a guess, I bet its the tiny 1 1/2″ x 3″ flying geese based on what I’ve seen so far – although it could always be 3″ x 6″ depending on the layout.

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